Rebel outcome was worth weight for JB's Buterbaugh

January 17, 2009|By CHRIS CARTER

James Buchanan senior Alex Buterbaugh can honestly say that when he posted his 100th win at the Rebel Invitational on Saturday, it was unlike any of the first 99.

It's also likely to be unlike any of those to come.

Buterbaugh bumped up to heavyweight for the first time and pinned South Hagerstown's Dustin Rowland in the second period of a losers' bracket bout to become only the second James Buchanan wrestler to win 100 bouts.

"It felt really good. It felt even better to wrestle a 280-pound guy and win," said Buterbaugh, who weighs in at 190. "I feel like I'm as strong as anybody I have to face, even if I'm giving up almost 100 pounds."

Buterbaugh muscled through the competition, winning all seven of his matches in the tournament -- 3-0 on Saturday -- to remain unbeaten this season and run his career win total to 101.


Buterbaugh was named Outstanding Wrestler and tied with Westminster's Kyle Cain for the fastest pin of the tournament at seven seconds.

Rowland, the defending Washington County champion at heavyweight, had won all five of his matches in the tournament before running into Buterbaugh. If Buterbaugh had remained at 215 pounds, he would have taken a forfeit for his 100th victory.

"I left it up to (Buterbaugh), he knew he was giving up 90-couple pounds," said James Buchanan coach Matt Gordon. "I would never suggest putting him in a position where he couldn't succeed, but I knew he could wrestle (Rowland). You don't want to get your 100th win on a forfeit."

So Buterbaugh got to celebrate the milestone on the mat, joining former teammate Derek Straley in the Rockets 100-win club. Buterbaugh (16-0) needs 15 more wins to pass Straley, who was named Outstanding Wrestler as a senior at the Rebel Invitational in 2008 and finished his career with 115 wins.

"I wrestled with (Straley) my freshman year, all the way through until he graduated last year," Buterbaugh said. "He kind of knew I was going to do it because he needed like 20 (wins) to get his 100th and I only needed 15."

Buterbaugh was the only Rocket to win his weight class as his team took fourth place.

Westminster won the title by turning in eight pins to defeat Williamsport 60-21 in the championship match. The Wildcats got a win from Zach Shoemaker at 125 pounds in the opening bout for a 4-0 lead but dropped the next eight -- six by fall, two by forfeit -- to clinch the tournament title with a 6-0 record.

Tyler Green (103 pounds), Brian Lillehaug (112), Darin Meador (130), Ricky Pownall (140), Scott Rill (152) and Mike Hoff (160) each won their weight classes, which were decided by best tournament record.

The Owls (11-0) improved their point total after beating Williamsport (10-5) 48-24 in a round-robin match on Friday.

"That was definitely our goal. Every time we step out there we try to do things better," said Westminster coach Sam Gardner. "I'm very fortunate because I stepped into a situation that all of our guys have big-move potential. I can kind of supplement that with some traditional stuff, but they all have the potential to end a match quickly."

Case in point was the 140-pound bout between Ricky Pownall and Williamsport's Joey Sutch. Sutch bumped up to 140 pounds and led 8-0 before Pownall turned a reversal into a second-period fall.

Westminster is 2-0 against the Wildcats after finishing behind them at the Hub Cup last weekend.

"They're a better dual meet team," said Williamsport coach Mike Rectorovic. "They're undefeated for a reason. You don't go through Carroll County without a loss to this point in the season if you're not a good team."

Kemper Baker (119), Shoemaker and Sutch (135) each won their weight classes for the tournament. John Best (171) and Scott Haupt (189) each won their weights for Boonsboro, which finished third, while Ian Anderson (145) and Dustin Rowland took first in their classes for last-place South Hagerstown.

Prep Wrestling

Rebel Invitational

Teams: 1. Westminster (6-0); 2. Williamsport (5-2); 3. Boonsboro (3-5); 4. James Buchanan (2-5); 5. South Hagerstown (1-5).

Championship bout

Westminster 60, Williamsport 21

125 -- Zach Shoemaker (Wi) m.d. Tony Chicuto, 9-0; 130 -- Darian Meador (We) fft.; 135 -- Meador (We) p. Bobby Ardinger, 2:54; 140 -- Ricky Pownall (We) p. Joey Sutch, 2:59; 145 -- Josh Moffet (We) p. Nate Tyson, :58; 152 -- Scott Rill (We) fft.; 160 -- 1. Mike Hoff (We) p. Reggie Russ, 1:58; 171 -- 1. Aaron Orndrish (We) p. Spencer Nalley, 1:12; 189 -- Kyle Cain (We) p. Joey Fazenbaker, 0:19; 215 -- 1. Robbie Mies (Wi) fft.; 285 -- Matt Cody (Wi) p. Jevon Curry, 1:40; 103 -- Tyler Green (We) p. Killian Baker, 4:56; 112 -- Brian Lillehaug (We) p. Jeff Leung, 1:06; 119 -- Kemper Baker (Wi) t.f. Aaron Hasenei, 19-2.

Weight class champions

103 -- 1. Tyler Green (We) 6-0; 2. Killian Baker (Wi) 5-2; 3. Nathaniel Proce (Bo) 4-4.

112 -- 1. Brian Lillehaug (We) 6-0; 2. T.J. Boreni (Bo) 5-2; 3. Jeff Leung (3-2).

119 -- 1. Kemper Baker (Wi) 7-0; 2. Tony Chicuto (We) 4-1; 3. Joe Clipp (JB) 5-2.

125 -- 1. Zach Shoemaker (Wi) 7-0; 2. Trevor Myers (JB) 6-1; 3. Caeser Smith (SH) 2-4.

130 -- 1. Darin Meador (We) 6-0; 2. Bobby Ardinger (Wi) 5-2; 3. Kyle Toms (SH) 3-3.

135 -- 1. Joey Sutch (Wi) 6-0; 2. Meador (We) 3-0; 3. Dylan Upperman (JB) 4-3.

140 -- 1. Ricky Pownall (We) 6-0; 2. Nathan Rummer (JB) 5-2; 3. Ryan Llewellyn (Wi) 4-2.

145 -- 1. Ian Anderson (SH) 6-0; 2. Josh Moffet (We) 4-1; 3. Ethan Mangum (JB) 4-3.

152 -- 1. Scott Rill (We) 5-0; 2. Chris Collins (SH) 4-2; 3. Tyler Zegar (JB) 1-6.

160 -- 1. Mike Hoff (We) 6-0; 2. Reggie Russ (Wi) 5-2; 3. Stephen Miller (Bo) 5-3.

171 -- 1. John Best (Bo) 7-1; 2. Spencer Nalley (Wi) 3-4; 3. Kadeen Brim (SH) 3-4.

189 -- 1. Scott Haupt (Bo) 7-1; 2. Aaron Orndrish (We) 3-1; 3. Joey Fazenbaker (Wi) 3-4.

215 -- 1. Alex Buterbaugh (JB) 6-0; 2. Robbie Mies (Wi) 6-1; 3. Kyle Cain (We) 3-1.

285 -- 1. Dustin Rowland (SH) 5-1; 2. Matt Cody (Wi) 5-2; 3. Jevon Curry (We) 3-3.

Note: Records show only matches wrestled in indicated weight class.

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