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Product helps tame pet stains

January 17, 2009


Scripps Howard News Service

Carpet stains are really bad. If you could get rid of them you'd be glad. And the stinky scent ... serves to tell ... that man's best friend went.

OK, so poetry isn't something I'm very good at. But I am good at seeking out products that are good for your home and also healthy for your personal environment.

Did you know that a pet weighing 5 pounds produces an average of 10 gallons of urine a year? Hopefully, your pet doesn't use the carpet as a toilet, but we know that accidents happen. Stains seen on the surface of your carpet have been pulled down into the pad due to gravity, and are usually 50 percent larger underneath. The stain and odor don't ever seem to leave no matter what you try to use for cleanup.


Here's the reason: If your household cleaner came from the local pet store, it is probably an enzyme-based cleaner. The enzyme's optimum cleaning ability is at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, when you purchased your product off the shelf, it was at a room temperature well below 140. This already put your chemical at a below standard for giving you any kind of desired results. Now, if you heat your enzyme product to 140 degrees, and apply it liberally to your carpet so that it will saturate all the way through the pad to the sub-floor, the 140-degree temperature instantly drops. You will never achieve optimum cleaning ability with your enzyme cleaner. In addition to the temperature being a key factor in how well the product performs, it must stay wet for 36 hours. Not a good thing.

What's a pet owner to do? There is a solution, and it is called Urine Be Gone. This product liquefies uric salts on contact. All you need to do is mix it with hot tap water and apply it liberally to your urine problem and then blot it up. You could also use a new patent-pending tool called the Urine Removal Tool, which works with any wet vacuum, giving it over 20 times its original vacuum power!

Urine Be Gone disinfects and kills off organic odors, including skunk, urine and vomit. Not only does the odor disappear, the stain goes as well. Some of the stains it removes include coffee, wine, tea, blood and grass. And it can also be used in the laundry for removing stains from clothes by pre-soaking overnight before laundering. The product comes in powder form and is activated by hot tap water. The oxygen in the water gives the Urine Be Gone product its energy. That simple combination does the magic.

That this product comes in powder form makes it fresh and cost effective. Homeowners as well as many commercial businesses, such as doctor's offices, restaurants, schools, nursing homes and carpet cleaners, use Urine Be Gone.

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