Conflict won't end until Hamas wiped out

January 17, 2009|By JAMES H. WARNER

Recently The Herald-Mail published a column by Richard L. Johnson, who is a retired professor of German & Peace Studies. Prof. Johnson says that:

" is time to come up with an even-handed approach to the violence, anger and resentment in Israel and Palestine. The only solution that will bring peace and security to Israelis, Palestinians - and to the United States - is creating two sovereign states based on a negotiated settlement between both sides of the conflict."

Gosh. After more than 60 years someone finally has figured out how to bring this conflict to an end. The good professor's solution leaves only a few details to be worked out in our even-handed negotiations. As the professor is no doubt aware, having been the director of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at Purdue University, conflict arises when two parties seek incompatible objectives.

The incompatible objectives that the professor proposes to resolve by negotiation are these: The Israelis want to stay alive and Hamas wants to kill Jews, all Jews everywhere, not just those that live in Israel. Since negotiation requires compromise, what compromise could one devise to satisfy both parties? Would our even-handed negotiators suggest a world-wide lottery among Jews that would choose, even-handedly, which Jews Hamas, the death cult that "rules" in Gaza, would be allowed to kill? At the risk of seeming insensitive to the plight of the Palestinians, I don't think that the professor has worked out all the bugs in his even-handed negotiations program.


Further, the professor appears to have overlooked a number of other elements which are also essential to dispute resolution. For example, the professor says:

"The only way to end terrorism is to end the causes of terrorism, and every independent researcher I have read recognizes that the Israeli control of Palestinian territory is a cause of terrorism."

Exactly what "Palestinian territory" is Israel occupying? In fact, Israel has already conceded that the Palestinian Authority is sovereign in most of Judea and Samaria, and all of Gaza. Since Hamas exercises absolute sovereignty over Gaza, what is their grievance (other than the fact that outside of Gaza there are Jews who are still alive)?

Next, the Professor says that the goal should be a "two state solution." The U.N. resolution ending the British mandate over the former Ottoman province attempted to create two states: Jordan for the Arabs, and Israel for the Jews. This did not bring peace.

Instead, it brought on a war in which Jordan illegally seized Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. Jews were expelled, without compensation, from East Jerusalem where they had lived for more than 2000 years.

The Palestinian authority now claims that it will accept a "two-state solution." However, a "two state solution" is the stated goal of Fatah, not Hamas. But the current conflict is between Israel and Hamas, not Israel and Fatah. Hamas has never once indicated that a two-state solution would be remotely acceptable to it. Instead, the members of Hamas, who adhere to a foul and blasphemous death cult, merely want to kill Jews. There is nothing in the program of Hamas that any decent person would find negotiable. One cannot negotiate with mad dogs.

The only rational solution for Israelis is, after having shown the patience of Job, to kill all of the mad dogs they can find and utterly destroy the heretical organization which has named itself Hamas.

The sufferings of the unfortunate Arabs who live in Gaza, which all decent people regret, are entirely the fault of Arabs and not Israel. This suffering will not end until those who govern Gaza are dead.

In the interest of humanity, our new president should do everything in his power to hasten that day.

James H. Warner is a retired attorney. He served as a domestic policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan from 1985 until 1989.

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