Mail Call

January 15, 2009

"So they want to keep the bars open around the clock for two or three days during the inauguration. What a drunken mess. They should be on their knees praying for our country. If you have that kind of money, throw it my way. My 401(k) is half depleted, plus other losses which I have done without to save, as I am 80-plus years old. Buy yourself a bottle of wine and sit on your couch to watch the inauguration, and don't make a fool of yourself." - Washington County

"The state of Maryland is going to be cutting back, big time, to all the counties. Still the Washington County Commissioners and the employees of Washington County government are continuing to plan projects that are gonna cost millions. I know this won't be printed, because The Herald-Mail is liberal, and they do not care about the citizens' pocketbooks of Washington County." - Hagerstown


"New Orleans has always tried to keep its buildings historically accurate. After all, that is one reason so many tourists go there. When I watched a show the other day, I found out the historic commission approved new siding and shutters made from man-made materials rather than wood, because heat, humidity and termites ruin the wood in less than 10 years. I fully approve keeping buildings historic, but there are times when ... the windows Mr. Bowman installed look great." - Hagerstown

"I see Del. Donoghue is criticizing Republicans for voting against the governor's budget, for political reasons, yet he said he's gonna vote for the budget for the very same political reason. Del. Donoghue, we don't want a rubber stamp in Annapolis. We need somebody to stand up to the bullies from Baltimore. Perhaps we can replace you with someone who will stand up." - Hagerstown

"Hagerstown's mayor and council need not spend $56,000 of taxpayers' money on hiring consulting firms to tell them how to encourage business development in the downtown. All they have to do is suppress burdensome regulatory bureaucracy such as the Historic District Commission, so business endeavors can prosper and provide their own incentives. When will we learn that reverting to the past merely muddies the water for a viable future?" - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to give people something to think about the next time they go get an oil change. I had mine changed today, and they charged me for five quarts of oil, and I happened to look, and my car only takes three and a half quarts of oil because it's a small car, and I was asking why, and they said that's the standard, five quarts. Well, when you take a truck in and it takes more than five quarts, they'll charge you extra. So if you take a small car in, why do you not be charged less? Because I'm paying for a quart and a half of oil - which they charge you $3 a quart, so $4.50 has gone towards something that I'm not getting. So I just want to let everybody know that's something to think about, and check your oil and how much your car uses." - Smithsburg

"First of all, thank you, Herald-Mail, for printing these types of things. I get so fed up with some of the other things, but a review on a movie is nice. First, my take on 'Gran Torino' is that it was slow, drawn-out, but true to life for me, as a member of ... is experiencing witness intimidation currently. We could predict the end of the movie, but was it true to life? My heart ached for the dog. I enjoyed 'Australia' more." - Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

"I agree with the caller that called regarding the movie 'Gran Torino,' with Clint Eastwood. I was there on Friday night also, and it is a excellent movie. If anyone wants to see how the world really is, they should go see that movie, and Clint Eastwood is a wonderful, excellent actor. So I recommend it to anyone that would like to see a good movie." - Hagerstown

"I have a brain wave. Barbara Ingram School for the Arts supposedly would include children learning to do artwork. Why couldn't they be included in the project to replace the mural at the Elizabeth Center? Why do we have to once again spend tens of thousands of dollars on nonsense, cleaning up a wall to remove the old mural? Why not a project that includes children, with something that can be repaired? It'll be there forever, as a lasting, good image for the City of Hagerstown." - Hagerstown

"Last year I replaced my wood siding with a fiber cement siding. It looks the same as the wood it replaced, yet it resists cold temperature changes, damage from humidity and wet climates ... damage from impact like hail, damage from termites and other wood-eating insects. Also has a 50-year warranty. Why would anyone replace with wood, when this is available? No wonder people don't want to invest in a historic area." - Hagerstown

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