Letter to the Editor

January 15, 2009

Do the right thing; install the right windows

To the editor:

I have been following the historic window debate, but can't understand the logic used by the mayor and Don Bowman. Wasn't the mayor the primary proponent of a new university in the downtown? Does he not understand that without the historic designation and accompanying oversight, that project would never have been possible?

The historic designation qualifies redevelopment projects in downtown (and prominent historic homes) for major tax credits that make projects financially possible. Not everyone is able to do whatever they want without financial help, as Bowman apparently is.

The destruction of the historic designation by actions like Bowman's, with the mayor's support, is what will make downtown ineligible for historic tax credits. I guess that will mean that only Don Bowman will ever be able to do a project in downtown again.


If he can afford to ignore the rules, then he can afford to put in the right windows -- or put back the old growth windows that, refurbished with low-e glass, will last another hundred years. His new ones won't last that long -- maybe he should be environmentally and economically responsible.

I hope the good citizens of Hagerstown will tell Bowman and the mayor to follow the same laws as everyone else. Maintaining the historic integrity of the downtown and keeping us eligible for tax credits are the only way that our downtown will ever improve.

Marie Trout

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