Mail Call

January 13, 2009

"I was just wondering what's going on with our country. They want to put Michael Vick in jail for two years for killing dogs, but Madoff gets a free pass, with no jail time. I think it's time for Americans to wake up." - Hagerstown

"We went to see 'Gran Torino' on Friday night; outstanding, the best movie we have ever seen. Clint Eastwood is an excellent, excellent actor. He is great. If you really want to see a good movie, that's the one to see. The theater was packed. There was no place for anyone else to sit. There was one seat in the theater that was broken; that's the only seat that was not sat in." - Brownsville

"I noticed some buildings that are going up beside Kohl's department store. Does anybody know what's going in there?" - Hagerstown

"It was a long wait, and yes, indeed, it was frustrating, but Maugans Avenue is finally open, and the traffic's flowing good. Now, I'm not a chronic complainer, but it's like a speedway now. People jockeying for position, changing lanes. There's almost a speed contest every time I've gone across it, which has only been a couple of times since it's been open, but I witness speed contests there each time. It's side-by-side racing, and this side-by-side racing, it's not young kids. There's kids, there's middle-aged people, and even the elderly - everybody in a big hurry. Come on, sheriff's department, get out there." - Hagerstown


"There is a phone scam going on around here. A female, talking fast, says that your credit card interest rate is going to go up or going to do something, if you don't immediately give her specific information about your card. I think most of us probably know not to do that, but I thought it was worth putting a little something in to Mail Call about it." - Hagerstown

"You know the economy is getting bad when the illegal immigrants start leaving." - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to say that I'd like to thank the two gentlemen that were having lunch at (a restaurant) this past Friday. Me and my crew partner came in to have lunch with a group of handicapped clients from our community. We were in Clear Spring cleaning a church and decided to have lunch, and the gentlemen left us money to pay for a portion of our bill. I'd just like to tell them thank you. It was very generous, and I wish them a happy New Year." - Hagerstown

"Why would anyone criticize farmers, the backbone of our nation? Where do these people think they get their milk, eggs, hamburger or pork chops? And as for the smell they're complaining about, why don't they move back to the city? Maybe they could enjoy that smell. Also, the speed limit in Smithsburg is not 65." - Smithsburg

"I just saw where the city is putting up signs at all the railroad crossings that say 'No train horn.' I just wish somebody could explain to me what that sign means, and what it's trying to convey to the driver." - Hagerstown

"Can Jan. 20, 2009, get here any sooner?" - Sharpsburg

"To ... Herald-Mail: I think it's very unkind of you to put all this information about Mr. McKee. He has a mother in her 90s, and has a family. It could have been done a better way." - North End

"This is on the government's stimulus package they're planning on doing. I'd like to ask the federal government how they plan on that working to help the American people out, to get the economy going, because the little bit of stimulus package they're doing, the little bit of money that the American taxpayers are gonna get, the cities, the counties and the states is all raising their taxes. So that gets the economy back going again. So you all need to do something else. Maybe you need to tell the cities and the counties and the states that they can't raise the taxes for five or six years." - Hagerstown

"I'm responding to the person from Sharpsburg that wanted to know who the final winner was in this year's season of 'Survivor.' It was the 57-year-old physics teacher who always wore the bow tie. Sorry, I can't remember his name." - Hagerstown

"Just speaking of the last week with the democrats and their indecisions, their no-decisions, and the president's comments on the world's crisis, or no-comments, I think we're in for the next four years of serious trouble with the presidency and the Congress." - Little Orleans

"I cannot imagine why security guards who upheld No Parking rules at the Prime Outlets would be reprimanded and embarrassed for doing so. And why on earth would those who parked anywhere outside of marked parking spaces be upset? They knew better. They certainly do not deserve to be reimbursed, or to receive gift cards. Unbelievable. Why do we continue to reward bad behavior?" - Hagerstown

"Concerning the article about these Redskins, concerning some of these Redskins players getting laid off, I feel that they shouldn't be paid all year anyway, I mean, when they're not out there on the field performing. I mean, that's ridiculous anyway, for people to get a big paycheck when they're not doing anything." - Greencastle, Pa.

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