January 13, 2009

Veterans might get free acupuncture

WILLIAMSPORT - A local acupuncturist talked with Williamsport Town Council members Monday night about offering free acupuncture treatments to veterans returning from combat areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tom Merrill said the treatments are intended to help veterans deal with violence they encountered instead of having to endure lasting effects.

Merrill and the council talked about offering the treatments at American Legion Post 202 in Williamsport.

Traffic backs up when interstate wrecks occur

WILLIAMSPORT - A Williamsport Town Council member on Monday night said the town needs help moving large volumes of traffic through town when there are major accidents on Interstate 81.


When traffic is detoured from I-81 and sent through Williamsport, the traffic lights in town do not change fast enough and traffic backs up, town council member Earle R. Pereschuk Sr. said.

Pereschuk suggested Washington County Sheriff's Department deputies be used to direct traffic through town faster during the I-81 detours.

Mayor James G. McCleaf II said the state highways department has said they would help move traffic faster in those situations but the help has never occurred.

Turn lanes changed on Potomac and Artisan

WILLIAMSPORT - A traffic problem in town that has been the bane of many town residents is headed for a fix, Williamsport Town Council members said Monday night.

State highways officials recently changed the turn lanes at Potomac and Artisan streets where motorists could go straight or turn left in one of the lanes, said town clerk Donnie Stotlemyer.

The problem is that people wanting to go straight often veered into a right turn only lane to get around traffic waiting to turn left, Stotlemyer said.

The state has decided to change the lanes where the right turn lane also will be a straight lane. The other lane will be a left turn only, Stotlemyer said.

Many residents were upset since the state made the initial lane change.

"That's our No. 1 complaint," said Mayor James G. McCleaf II.

- Dave McMillion

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