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High school is the dress rehearsal for your life

High school is the dress rehearsal for your life

January 13, 2009|By EMILY SEILER / Pulse Correspondent

Romance, drama, action and style. All of these characteristics make up the atmosphere of Hollywood - and high school.

No matter what high school you attend - North or South, Clear Spring or Boonsboro - student life is just about the same everywhere.

Couples walk hand in hand down the hallways, gossip filters in and out of classrooms and athletes get ready for big home games. Just like high school, Hollywood has its couples walking down the red carpet, tabloids reporting the big scandals and star athletes giving prime-time interviews before the match-up of the season.

Even though these two lifestyles have much in common, there is something special that can be attained in high school alone - not even in the glamour of Hollywood.


In high school you have the opportunity to experience and learn things that will aid you throughout life. Valuable lessons won't necessarily be taught out of textbooks but instead by how you interact with and engage yourself in activities.

Now, I know you've heard these suggestions before: "Get involved in as much as you can," and "Why don't you try out for the spring musical?" In truth, these ideas should be taken seriously.

In high school, you have the opportunity to experience so many different things. Instead of being just the "athlete," join the drama club or art club. If you're the strict student try to relax and have fun. Lay off the books and hang out with friends. Most importantly though, be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

It's been said that you learn everything you need to know in kindergarten. Do you remember anything you did in kindergarten? Bedsides that you had nap time?

In reality, most of the lessons and values you incorporate into your adult life come from high school. It is here that you learn to balance your time, get work done, form relationships and make mistakes.

Often high school is a bit of a wakeup call for many people. The teachers no longer hold your hand and walk you through every assignment and due date.

Because of this, students have to learn to be independent and budget their time. As adults, these skills are necessary in the workplace and at home where there is a family to take care of. The sooner these skills are mastered, the easier high school becomes - and eventually life after school.

During your four years of high school you'll go to countless homecomings, winter formals and proms. Most often you'll go with a date. The high school years are full of dates and flirting. In some cases, people meet the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. But even if your romantic relationships don't get that serious, high school allows you to experience the confusing and enjoyable world of dating. The relationships you make with friends will also stay with you forever. The memories you share with them will connect you forever.

Mistakes - we all make them: failing a major exam, breaking up with someone over a silly fight, or going to that party you know you shouldn't be going to. No matter how big or small the mistake you make, in high school it's expected. But, it's also expected that you learn from them.

In the future you'll know you have to be prepared for tests, know how to cope when things don't go your way and forgo risky situations.

Instead of looking back on your high school experience 10 years from now with regret or nostalgia, make the most of them now. Instead of counting down the days until you graduate, make everyday fun by participating in school events and spending time with friends.

Once high school is over and you walk across that stage, a brand-new world is open up to you. So use high school to your advantage. Prepare for your future and have the time of your life doing it.

Emily Pinkham, 18, is a senior at Clear Spring High School

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