Mail Call

January 11, 2009

"I cannot believe that in the recent vote on the new airline was beaten out by 55 percent. ... Just think of the parking fees that could be eliminated, car rental fees eliminated, and think about a situation where a handicapped person would have to depend upon a neighbor to take you to BWI and pick you up. Many times I have had to depend upon a neighbor to do such as that. I think air commuter service would be so convenient to everyone concerned, and we do need this service. At least when we fly out of BWI we can obtain direct flights. ... It's terribly important that we have a new airline to service this area." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I see where Russia has cut gas supplies to people of Europe. People of Europe, fear not. I'm sure the U.S. will send to you what gas we have, and then the people in the U.S. can get back to paying $4 a gallon." - Hagerstown


"Post-traumatic stress disorder? ... I'm the one who should be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I'm a combat veteran of Desert Storm. It's time we stop making excuses for everything that goes wrong." - Hagerstown

"I want to thank James Jones of Hagerstown for his article in letters to the editor, 'Why do folks hate President Bush?' I would only add that President Bush had to build Homeland Security, and he had to deal with all the storms, floods and fires across the country, year after year. 9/11 took five years to plan, all during the Clinton years, but hit in the seventh month of Bush's term." - Hagerstown

"Some nave person calls in and wanted to know what the excuse is for now raising the gas prices. It's simple. It's Condoleezza Rice and George Bush's failed policies in the Middle East again. The only thing Condoleezza can do right is wave when she gets on a plane, and wave when she gets off the plane. Otherwise, everything in between, she accomplishes absolutely nothing - just like George Bush." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the Williamsport person that said that the inmates need their money, that they only make $5 a day, and how would we like to work without pay. We didn't go out here and commit a crime, to have to be put behind those bars, so if we choose not to work without pay, that's our choice, because we haven't committed a crime. It seems like today, the nastier you are, if you're a murderer or robber or anything, and you get put in jail the inmates are the ones that are taken up for. ... I can't even hardly afford to eat, because I can't even afford my medical that I should have because I have an illness." - Smithsburg

"I just turned on the Oprah Winfrey show and I'm so tired of seeing that foreign language on there. We're Americans. We're not foreigners." - West End

"This is for all you dear people out there that's always criticizing Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. They are the truth detectors, if you would care to find out. Bill O'Reilly is rated the top in his field and Fox News has the highest rating in that time period for news than all the networks. And Rush Limbaugh, 98 percent of the time he has the truth on so you really need to check your facts before you go criticizing people." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling with regards of taking away the inmates' pay. If the public only knew what the inmates did for that $5 a day. They don't do anything and they still get paid. As far as their families are concerned, that's their fault for getting locked up." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"The Israelis are committing genocide against the people living in the Gaza Strip. And you can't believe anything you see on TV. ... The war is total propaganda." - Sharpsburg

"Attention, government: There are 52 weeks in a year, 12 months in a year, four weeks in a month. ... If you divide four into the 52 weeks, it equals 13, yet us seniors only get 12 checks. So let's hope that the president-elect gives us seniors the extra check that we've worked all of our life for, to make up for it." - Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"What's the difference between shooting a dog and running over a dog? It's a dog's life, over." - Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

"Hey, Smithsburg: Whoever was using your money from Friday until Monday, they were also using my bank draft for my car insurance, from Monday through Friday. Five to seven working days is what I was told. So let's get together and find out if we can catch these culprits using our money, because somebody was getting the interest, and it wasn't you and I. Have a good day." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the guy from Smithsburg that's sick and tired of farmers spreading foul-smelling stuff on their fields. He's got to be sick, because he's talking about it disturbing his pet frog. And then further down the way, he says and then he had to slow down from 65 to 30 mph behind an inconsiderate farmer, after he was come from picking up his milk, eggs, hamburger and pork chops. Where did he think milk, eggs, hamburger and pork chops come from?" - Washington County

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