Letter to the Editor

January 11, 2009

Washington County sports should not accept an environment of defeat

To the editor:

We begin this letter with a sincere nod of thanks to those dedicated men and women who selflessly take the time to enrich the lives of our student athletes in Washington County.

We also acknowledge that the majority of coaches influencing our children are not in it for the money, or recognition, but are coaches simply for the love of the sport and the children that they are involved with.

Our school system aspires to be recognized as a world class system.

The Board of Education is making positive strides to achieve its goal - pushing our kids to their academic limits. Students deserve not only the best opportunities to excel at academics, but to excel in their athletic endeavors as well.


In fact the Washington County Board of Education athletic handbook states, "any sport sponsored by a school is a part of the curriculum offered by that school."

It is fact that participation in athletics and other positive extracurricular activities supplement a child's academic achievements. It is common knowledge that colleges are seeking students who are well rounded; those who participated in healthy extracurricular activities. If we truly want the best for our children, we should never settle for mediocrity but always strive for excellence.

Therefore, at what time do we stop accepting the "status quo" for our student athletes in Washington County and aspire for the best? Shouldn't we always strive for the best? To give our children the opportunities to become intelligent, responsible, involved, well-rounded citizens?

Washington County has many bright and talented young athletes in our school system; kids who leave their hearts out on the field/track/court every game. If a sporting team within a school is plagued by losses year after year, we need to evaluate the effectiveness of that program!

When a school program is failing, it eventually breeds an environment of defeat or apathy into that school. This negative attitude can and does seep into the students' school spirit and even into the community as a whole.

We believe that our children should be given every tool to succeed in and out of the classroom.

We are a number of concerned parents who are forming a coalition to request the Washington County Board of Education review and improve the athletic programs that are not proving effective by setting a countywide policy that will have checks and balances in place. We welcome you to join us. Any positive input and helpful suggestions please e-mail us at:

J. Brewer, D. Brewer, L. Niang, A. Niang, T. Duckworth, J. Duckworth, L. Goodnough, W. Goodnough, D. Purrucci, A. Purrucci, P. Petry

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