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Letters to the Editor

January 10, 2009

Can anyone help our family stay off the streets?

To the editor:

I am writing this letter because I am at my wits end and I don't know what to do anymore. My husband, myself, and my 8-year-old son moved here from Tennessee about a year and a half ago, and it has been a nightmare since we've been here.

We both recently got laid off from our jobs, myself on Nov. 6 and my husband two weeks later.

They turned me down for unemployment because they said I didn't make 15 times the base pay I would have received in benefits. I had just recently changed jobs to work closer to home and to save on gas and child-care expenses and to better myself in the process.

I appealed the decision for all the good it is going to do. I have been working full time nonstop since I was 19 years old, I am now 45 years old. I have paid my taxes to help our government help the people who need it and now we need the help and cannot seem to get it in any form.


The day before Thanksgiving we had to swallow our pride and go apply for food stamps. They told us that we probably wouldn't get any for November since we did have some income. They also told us that in December since we did not have any income other than my child support, which is $360 per month, that we would get $465 per month in food stamps. Today I got a letter in the mail saying we were approved for $48 a month. How am I supposed to feed a family of 3 on $48 per month? We (my husband and myself) have always worked and supported ourselves, and now we have hit a big bump in the road, and $48 per month is what we get? We have both been looking for jobs and there is nothing out there.

People call us in for interviews and all we get is "Well it is a bad time now and we have had to let people go." Why are they calling us in for an interview then?

I don't have the gas to waste. Why do people get my hopes up and then let me down? I am sorry I sound as if I am whining, but I don't know what to do.

I have a stack of bills and no way to pay them. We have no one here; it is just us. We are going to lose everything we have worked so hard for and no one cares, especially the government that I have been paying taxes into for almost 30 years.

And you know, I don't care what happens to me, it is my son I am worried about. He is a good boy and a good student and he will be the one to suffer. We are grown, we can handle it, but he is a child and he can't.

How can you look into your child's eyes and tell him we have to live on the streets, which is where we are headed, and no one cares. How do I tell my 8-year-old son that I have failed him as a parent? How do I tell him that I failed when all I was trying to do is give him the best life that I possibly could?

I don't know what to do? If you can help us, please do so!

Lisa Proctor

Homosexuality and the Scriptures: References aplenty are in the texts

To the editor:

It is not honorable to keep quiet after reading James Haupt's letter of Jan. 3, wherein he referred to the genetic chromosomes that he says inspires homosexual behavior. He also states: "Tradition seldom sits well with cutting-edge science." "Cutting-edge science?" Mr. Haupt, are you aware that many credible scientists and psychologists, several of whom do not claim to be right-wing Christians, have much to say about the fallacies of your claims?

Dr. J. Satinover states: "Research studies on homosexuality by Drs. Dean Hamer, Michael Bailey, Richard Dillard, Simon Levay, Laura Allen and Roger Gorski have failed to show proof of a gay gene. There is no scientific evidence that shows that homosexuality is genetic. The media has sensationalized and perpetuated the myth of a homosexual gene." ("Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth," Grand Rapids, Baker Books.)

The American Psychological Association's pamphlet "Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality" affirms: "Many scientists share the view that sexual orientation is shaped for many people at an early age through complex interactions of psychological and social factors. There exists no replicated scientific studies showing any specific biological etiology for homosexuality."

P. Scott Richards writes in "The Treatment of Homosexuality: Some Historical, Contemporary and Personal Perspectives," AMCAP Journal. Vol 19, No. 1, 1993, pg. 36; "Some environmental and psychological factors that may play a causal role in the development of homosexuality include: 1. cross-gender effiminate behavior in childhood. 2. gender-identity deficits 3. hostile, deteached or absent fathers (which leads to "defensive detachment" from the father and other males) and 4. overly close, controlling or dominating mothers.

There's not room here to record the pile of further evidence that brings your argument into question.

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