Letter to the Editor

January 09, 2009

All is not well in Antrim

To the editor:

This letter to the editor is in response to an article featuring an interview with Fred Young in Wednesday's Echo Pilot, dated Dec. 10.

People of Antrim Township (Pa.) and the surrounding community need to be aware of an alarming precedent that is being set. I believe many of the statements that Young made in the Dec. 10 Echo Pilot are false and misleading. The Antrim transition is not progressing smoothly. Young even claimed that it is going "phenomenally well." I think this is preposterous! The facts as I see them are that due to inadequate and inexperienced staffing, Antrim Township is suffering. The results of poor decisions will be manifested for years to come. You, the public, have the right to be informed about these and other ongoing issues within Antrim Township.

I will agree with Young on one accurate statement he made. The remaining staff and the new finance secretary are working extremely hard and are doing an excellent job with the resources that they are left with.


Since August, a total loss of eight experienced employees has created a void that cannot be ignored. Young admitted in this article that the new supervisors had zero experience, yet he can state that the transition is going well? What is he using as a plumb line? The abrupt termination of six positions has fostered unnecessary upheaval and chaos within the Township. Discord and division within the staff and supervisors have resulted.

Unfortunately, Curtis Myers and Young have a propensity to mention the past employees in a derogatory manner. I believe that these comments have been unprofessional, inappropriate and the content has been unsubstantiated. This is reflected in Young's reference to supposed "inefficiencies in the past use of finances, as well as 'sneaky and underhanded' practices." This is an allegation that I believe has absolutely no merit!

The past employees are outstanding citizens of our community who performed their duties with integrity and the highest regard for the people of Antrim Township, whom they served. I submit that Antrim Township government has reached an all time low.

James Byers
Antrim Township Supervisor

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