Letters to the Editor

January 08, 2009

Walker house windows are fine

To the editor:

I went downtown to look at all the hubbub of some windows not conforming to Historic District Commission regulations. You folks that are trying to enforce this code to the letter, take a closer look at the project on the Walker building. The windows are beautiful -- a nice light tan shade and well insulated, they are in keeping with the renovated buildings on either side.

Directly across the street is a one-bay firehouse that at first glance at ground level looks half decent, but the wooden windows on the upper floor are in bad need of repair: caulking cracked, paint peeling, gaps in the wood, etc. This is what you want the Walker building to be replaced with?

I'm not a builder, but I can tell shoddy workmanship and from what I see, this building is a wonderful renovation to our downtown area.


Now this fellow Bowman and his group have spent millions on this project and along comes a "power-mad blue board" (anyone that served on ship, been in a military unit or cadet program knows what I'm talking about) that wants these good-looking, antique, long-lasting windows to be replaced with like windows above the fire house. This is progress? This is dumb. This is nonsense what this group, that is supposedly looking out for our interest in the renovations of our downtown area, is doing.

I wonder how many workers have been laid off from this project. Tax revenue is not coming in and Hagerstown is now on the "no fly list" with other builders for renovation projects. Ah, but we have rules that must be followed. Rules were made to guide wise men; sheep follow them aimlessly.

Don Shipley
Clear Spring

Alexander House holiday appreciated

To the editor:

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who contributed their time and resources to make this holiday season truly memorable for all of us who live at Alexander House in downtown Hagerstown.

First, many thanks to the Maryland Emergency Physicians who delivered delicious full-course ham and turkey dinners to us in the activity room at Alexander House on Christmas Eve.

Next, we would like to thank the LIFEhouse Church Bethel whose members also prepared delicious full-course ham and turkey dinners and arranged to have them delivered to us on Christmas day.

Finally, we would like to give a big thank you to the management of Alexander House for the wonderful Christmas buffet dinner and party that they organized for us in the week before Christmas.

To each of these organizations, we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for remembering us at Christmas time, and for making this time more enjoyable for all of us. We hope that all of you had a happy holiday, and that you may be blessed with a healthy and rewarding New Year.

Carolyn E. Watkins

Hate for either side is offensive

To the editor:

Your decision to print a letter entitled "Time for Israel to crush Hamas" in your Jan. 6 issue seems very irresponsible. The author, Merl Rinehart, refers to Hamas as "an evil, cancerous growth infecting the Middle East" and says that "I would love to see Israel press on and wipe out Hamas once and for all."

If Rinehart had called Israel "an evil, cancerous growth infecting the Middle East," I wonder whether The Herald-Mail would have run it.

I certainly hope not. Hatespeech has no place in a legitimate newspaper -- not even on the editorial page.

Zachary Z. E. Bennett
Chestertown, Md.

Tuna cans are downsizing

To the editor:

For many years a can of tuna fish contained 6.5 to 6.75 ounces. Then it dropped down to an even 6 ounces. Now various store brands have dropped a full ounce, to only 5 ounces.

How much smaller to they plan to make tuna cans? Maybe like the 3 ounces of potted meat? How long until the name brands also go to 5-ounce cans? And there were no announcements about the smaller cans. This is a huge rip-off for this very popular food.

W. Bernard Randolph

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