Mail Call

January 08, 2009

"In reference to A2, about the county becoming a landlord in 21740 ZIP code, I'm glad to see they reported we've lost $49 million worth of property with foreclosures, the first 10 months of 2008. How about the last two? And why can't the county and city tell us about the reserves? How much money did they lose this year in the reserve categories? It'd be nice to know, especially when the budget approval is coming up." - Leitersburg

"Sad to say, I'm embarrassed that this is continuing, this situation with killing domestic animals that belong to others, and then threatening to take action, the law into everyone's own hands. People from out of town, such as this weather observer or whatever, came from the National Weather Channel, actually could have picked that up and read that. I'm disappointed The Herald-Mail would even put some of this in here, because it demonstrates the fact that we have a poor mentality here in Washington County." - Hagerstown


"I agree with the person that called and said they'd like to see some recipes from the around town, different cities in our area. They could go out in the area and get some good homegrown recipes, something that people from this area would enjoy." - Funkstown

"I'm calling about these people who complained about being towed from the outlets during Christmas and all that. They shouldn't have parked there anyway, and why are they being reimbursed the towing charge, plus a gift card, when they did something wrong? They knew they shouldn't have parked in the grass." - Hagerstown

"I have a question. On Friday, I transferred money from my savings account to my checking account. I was told the money wouldn't be in the checking until midnight Monday. My question is where was my money from Friday until Monday, and who was using it?" - Smithsburg

"I just wanted to make somebody aware that has a car that's parked on Meadowood Drive in Halfway that it is very hard to see that car parked where it is, and I believe with the ice and the snow that we've been having, somebody's really going to slide into it and injure the car and themselves. It's just, it's parked there and it's very dark. It's on Meadowood. Just kind of give them a heads-up." - Halfway

"I, too, am too sick and tired of farmers spreading foul-smelling stuff on their fields, and having noisy machinery and equipment disturbing my pets, especially my pet frog. Further adding insult to injury, on my home from picking up milk, eggs, hamburger and pork chops, I was forced to slow from 65 mph to 30 mph, behind an inconsiderate farmer. Now I'll be late getting home to watch the evening news." - Smithsburg

"This is on gas prices. I see where gas prices is going up now again. Of course, they're gonna blame it - federal government's gonna blame it - on the Israel and Palestines war over there, which I think that's a bunch of bull. Another thing is, when Obama gets in, I guess the poor people ain't gonna be able to afford to buy gas ... he's not gonna buy any oil anyhow ... and he's not gonna drill for oil, so the poor man ain't gonna be able to afford to go back to work if he's got a job. So I don't know what these people is trying to do, but I think it's time for us to shake the government up a little bit." - Hagerstown

"I was just reading in the morning paper where the person says they were in downtown Hagerstown and there were cigarette butts threw all over the ground. I imagine that's because people aren't allowed to smoke inside anymore, and I guess they need to put things around for people to put their cigarette butts in. I don't smoke, but I think they don't allow smoking anywhere inside anymore. Maybe they need to come up with something for people to put their cigarette butts in." - Hagerstown

"Concerning the comments about helping the guy that shot the two dogs ... : Sure, the animals came on his property and so forth, but I mean, get real. They're only animals. I mean, do they speak? I mean, they may not speak or anything, but they do have feelings also." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I'm calling about the Smithsburg gentleman who called in about Joe Flacco and the Associated Press, of them not getting rookie of the year. He didn't deserve rookie of the year. He didn't complete but 48 percent of his passes, and how can you put him in the same paragraph with Peyton Manning? I mean, that's a disgrace." - Hancock

"I called in about thanking a gentleman who stopped on Christmas Eve morning to help my wife change a flat tire. ... It happened very early in the morning on Christmas Eve. I just want to say thank you, and I hope he has a good year." - Hagerstown

"I almost had a collision again this morning. I pulled out in front of a car with no headlights on. The number of people that drive without headlights on in the rain, the dark, the snow, is unacceptable. There's a law for our safety. I truly hope that the police will do more to enforce the law." - Hagerstown

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