TwoFace keeps '80s rock alive

January 08, 2009|By TIFFANY ARNOLD

Members of Hagerstown-based foursome TwoFace, come from all walks of rock for a single cause: 1980s hair metal.

"We're a weekend warrior cover band," said drummer Pat Henson, 39, of Waynesboro, Pa.

Henson has been playing in bands since he was 14. He chatted with The Herald-Mail days before the band's Saturday gig at The Peach Pub, where, Henson said, they plan to do covers of '80s rock music.

Why rock of the long-haired, '80s head-banger variety?

"It's fun," Henson said. "Well, first of all, everyone recognizes the music. When you're a band, the formula is to get tons of women dancing. And if you have tons of women dancing, you'll have tons of men dancing."

Barely a year old, TwoFace is hardly wet behind the ears - even including guitarist Justin Parks, who's barely old enough to drive. Each of the guys have performed in other bands before coming together as TwoFace, said Henson.


Henson said he was the original drummer for Jester, which has opened for Kix, and was the drummer for Sakred Realm which has opened for Poison frontman Brett Michaels, who now has his own reality show "Rock of Love Bus" on VH1.

About TwoFace

Vocals - Joey Bowles

Guitar - Justin Parks

Bass - Doug High

Drums - Pat Henson

Genre - Hair-metal, classic rock cover band

Hometown - Hagerstown

Upcoming show - Saturday, Jan. 10, at The Peach Pub, 43 S. Potomac St., downtown Hagerstown

Web -

Q&A with Pat Henson, drummer from TwoFace

So, what's a typical night like for TwoFace? What's in your set?
We typically play two or three hours. We're everything you want to hear if you grew up in the 1980s.

So, what is the demand like for '80s hair metal?
There aren't really a lot of bands who are doing it, but we're hitting a market that is not being tapped on. We're lucky because our lead singer can hit all those high notes. Really, it's a specialty sort of thing for this type of music. Not everyone can do it.

There are enough folks like you, who grew up listening to hair metal. Shouldn't there be a big following for 1980s covers?
You would think so. There was 10 years ago. But now hair metal has just faded away. Now, the rock scene is more geared to pop radio stuff. Now, a lot of bands are going away from the roots of our childhood.

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