Waynesboro relaxes Rotary Park rules

January 07, 2009|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Man's best friend will be able to enjoy Waynesboro's newest park starting in late January and potentially all other borough parks in the future.

The Waynesboro Borough Council unanimously voted Wednesday to allow dogs, bicycles, roller skates and roller blades at Rotary Park at Wayne Gardens as a trial for relaxing the rules at its other parks that prohibit all four. The board also voted to review the issue in September. 

Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said permitting more uses at the park was an idea that came from citizens who live adjacent to the park.

Carolyn Smith, who lives next to the park, said the popularity of the park has faded since the borough posted signs prohibiting dogs, bikes and skates.


"The park just died. The signs went up and it died," she said. "We used to see people riding bikes, walking their dogs or skating, but now there is nothing."

Dozens of e-mails from residents wanting their say on the issue flooded Hamberger's inbox, he said.

With so much interest in expanding uses at borough parks, the borough recreation board actively sought a solution to the issue, Hamberger said.

The recreation board presented the council with amended rules for dogs, bicycles, roller skates and roller blades in Rotary Park that attempt to accommodate those who want to walk a dog or ride a bike and those who would rather they didn't.

The new rules strictly prohibit dogs at the pavilion, play areas, exercise areas, the flag pole, the memorial area, the restrooms and other park buildings.

Bikes and skates are only prohibited at the pavilion and on the grass.

Frank Bittner said he is a neighbor to the park and while he has no problem allowing bikes, he said dogs should not be allowed.

"Back when Memorial Park was mowed by hand there were problems with dogs leaving signatures at the park," he said. "(At Rotary Park) there is no one there to prohibit that in these specific areas."

While the new rules require dog handlers to keep their pets on a 6-foot leash, pick up all solid waste left by the dog and dispose of it outside the park, Bittner said he fears clean-up will not be done.

Council President Craig Newcomer said he has faith that those who would use the park to walk their dog would respect the rules.

Councilman Ronnie Martin suggested the board revisit the rule changes in September, after the peak park season, and see whether the changes were effective and could be used at other parks.

New Rules and Regulations for Rotary Park


Regulations for Bicycles, Roller Skates and Roller Blades:

o Skateboarding is prohibited.

o Bikers, roller skaters and roller bladers must use appropriate helmets and protective gear.

o  Stop for pedestrians

o Ride/skate/blade to the right of the walkway

o  Skating, biking or blading is prohibited in the pavilion or on the grass  -- such activities must stay on the walkway


Regulations for dogs in Rotary Park:

o  All dogs must be on a six-foot leash.

o  Dog walkers must pick up all solid waste left by their dog(s) in their own containers and properly dispose of the waste outside the park. Do not deposit it in the waste containers in the park.

o  Do not leave dog unattended.

o  Do not permit a dog under your control to approach other dogs or people without invitation or permission.

o  Keep dogs away from exercise areas, play areas, the pavilion, the flagpole, the memorial area, the restrooms or other park buildings/structures.

o  The handlers must keep dogs under control and are responsible for the behavior of the dogs.

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