Mail Call

January 07, 2009

"Hagerstown, unfortunately - I used to like this place; I don't anymore. I think you people better slow down. We're not on the interstate in Hagerstown. You're not driving on I-81, you're not driving the freeway or the autobahn. It's ridiculous. It's a small town and unless you're somebody ... committed a crime, you're a drug dealer that's trying to get away from the police or from the scene of an accident, slow down. You're gonna save money on gas and save lives. And stay off the phone, cell phones. I go slow enough that I definitely could get your tags. Just help yourself and other people. Slow down."

- Hagerstown

"I just heard on TV where the Palestinian prime minister is condemning Israel for what they're doing. Would any country - say, what about if Canada would shell us with 20, 30 rockets a day for a couple weeks, or Mexico would shell us? You think we'd set back and take it? No, and that's what they're doing. Any other country would act, too. The Hamas has started this and I'm glad Israel is trying to put an end to it."


- Funkstown

"Happy New Year, 2009. The Dixie Chicks were right."

- Hagerstown

"It's 7:35 a.m. on Monday. I just dropped my son off at Rockland Woods Elementary School, and this is about the idea of them putting a light at the intersection for Rockland Elementary and Sharpsburg Pike, Route 65. It's not a necessary thing. What's necessary is for people, when there's room to go, to actually give the car some gas ... through the light, through the intersection with no problem. Two cars come by, there's a very huge gap in which one car could leave this line, and it doesn't move. That's my problem."

"I'm calling about these people who have no conscience about running people's pets over. Well, I guess they wouldn't have any conscience about running a human being over either, because they don't care about God put these animals for us to care for, and if you think it's OK to run an animal down, I guess you think it's OK to run a human being down. It's just ridiculous."

- Hagerstown

"It does take certain ones to make a noise for a noise ordinance."

- Gapland

"I'm calling in response to the Mail Call that was called in about the little dog getting hit. I suspect that if the car was damaged, the person would have stopped because of course they would have wanted their car fixed. No regards for the dog losing his life or maybe maimed for the rest of his life. Had it been your child - I'm not comparing the animal to the child, but what I'm saying is had it been your child - you'd have stopped. But you didn't, because it was a dog and their life obviously isn't important to you. And this thing about ... if you got their name and number, obviously you didn't do anything, so you didn't call, this person still got away with it. So those ... threats you made are worthless. But in regards to the dog, the poor little dog probably suffered and I hope you feel bad because of it."

- Washington County

"This is the person from Falling Waters who called in and said that if Mayor Bruchey didn't know the difference between Hagerstown and Baltimore, that maybe we needed a new mayor. And the reason I said a new mayor is because I have lived in Hagerstown all my life. In the last two years, I've just moved over here, and I consider him my mayor."

- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I'm calling about the Associated Press' choices for coach of the year, player of the year and rookie of the year. Those fools missed everything. No. 1, rookie of the year: Flacco did not get a single vote. Put that on the mantel. That's unbelievable. Joe did not get a single vote. No. 2, Mike Smith, coach of the year: I see no mention. Three, Peyton Manning, player of the year: Give me a break. Where would the Ravens be without Ed Reed?"

- Smithsburg

"I want to know, is anybody paying $5.05 a gallon for propane gas from last year's gas, when it is selling for $2.69 in other gas companies? How can I be paying $5.05 for my gas and they're telling me it's last year's gas? Please comment."

- Hagerstown

"I noticed in the newspaper, we're gonna buy a wind generator for out at the BOE technical high school. Does that meet the zoning requirements for the county? And the talk about the students doing electrical work - I thought we're supposed to have a licensed electrician to do that."

- Chewsville

"I go to beautiful downtown Hagerstown once a year, to the tax office. I just came from the tax office this morning and I parked across from the library. I walked the first block of South Potomac Street, back to the tax office. Beautification is wonderful. I love all the cigarette butts thrown in around all the trees of the beautification of the extended sidewalk."

"This probably won't be printed in the paper, and very few watch the TV because they work all day, but anyways, whoever put this in the paper about robbery and violent crime down in Hagerstown must have been asleep for the whole winter because it's been worse and getting worse all the time. Just read the paper this morning."

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