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"The Night That Changed Rome"

Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner

January 06, 2009|By KATRINA WILLIAMS / Special to Pulse

After I had counted my sheep
As I tried to get some sleep
An angel appeared unto me
And said not afraid I should be
As I ran to wake my pals
I heard a lonely howl

The angel said unto us
And explained about all the fuss
A baby was born in a stable
And no it is not a fable
He came for all of you
He came for others, too
A star will lead you there
And please tell all the fare
Everyone needs to hear
So they have no more fear

Suddenly more angels came
They all looked almost the same
Singing to one accord
Singing praises to the Lord

We ran into the town
And there we soon found
The small little boy
That brought us great joy
But I did not know why
The trough is where He lies
He looked just like a king
I felt that I should sing
For great joy he did bring

We ran into the town
And soon everyone found
That a baby boy was born
He was wrapped in cloth torn
We tried to get back to the stable
To see the baby who is not a fable
But so many were there
Because so many cared
Wise men with riches
Old men in breeches
There all to see
The great man to be


Soon everyone left
I think that was best
For Mary and Joseph were tired.

As I started to walk back home
I thought of the night that changed Rome
Of the angel, the baby and wisemen
The other many that did attend

As I walked up the hill
Joy started to fill
Me because of a baby boy, born
in a stable
And no, it is not a fable.

Katrina Williams, 12, is a seventh-grader at Heritage Academy in Hagerstown.

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