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January 06, 2009

Boonsboro Area Athletic Association discusses land use

BOONSBORO -- Boonsboro Area Athletic Association Football Director Rodney Menas asked the town council Monday to use some of the town's available fields and discussed future plans to construct a field of its own.

Menas said that with the help of some corporate donations and a new building fund the organization has, the association is close to having a facility it can use. He said it will present a general plan to donate money to Boonsboro High School for improvements to the school's practice facilities.

Wetzel: Policy committee needs direction

BOONSBORO -- Boonsboro Councilwoman Barbara Wetzel asked the town council Monday to establish some guidelines for the town's newly formed policy committee.


The committee formed last month in response to a need for some oversight of the town's charitable donations. At that time, Mayor Charles F. "Skip" Kauffman Jr. said other matters also could be discussed by the policy committee.

Wetzel said that during a work session late last month, she learned that some council members believed the committee was only established to discuss a policy for charitable donations, not other matters.

"I was under the impression it was just donations," said Councilwoman Natalie Mose.

Kauffman said he would like the committee to discuss many issues, but it should get approval from the full council before drafting a policy.

Kauffman said the committee should first work on drafting a policy regarding its charitable donations, then work on drafting guidelines to oversee the committee.

"It's not that hard to set a format for the committee and I think that would guide us in the procedure if that's what you want to do," Wetzel said. "I think we could do that before we get started."

However, Kauffman and Councilman Kevin Chambers said the donations policy was a priority and should be completed first.

Wetzel asked if the council should reach a consensus on that decision.

"Do you want to vote on it?" Kauffman asked her.

"It doesn't seem to matter," Wetzel said.

-- Erin Cunningham

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