Jenkins to seek delegate seat

January 06, 2009

FREDERICK, Md. -- Frederick County Commissioner Charles A. Jenkins announced Tuesday he is running next year for Del. Richard B. Weldon's seat in Subdistrict 3B.

Jenkins, a Republican, is the latest of three people to express interest in replacing Weldon, who isn't running for a third four-year term next year.

In March, Republican Michael Hough announced his interest.

Lisa Baugher also is considering a run for Weldon's seat. On Tuesday, she said she plans to run for a public office in 2010, but she isn't sure which one.

Baugher ran as a Democrat against Weldon in 2002 and later switched her enrollment to Republican. She now works for him as a legislative affairs officer.


Subdistrict 3B is mainly in Frederick County but also includes the southern tip of Washington County.

About three months ago, Weldon switched his enrollment from Republican to unaffiliated. He said he was frustrated by partisan politics in Annapolis.

Weldon initially said he would stay on as chairman of Frederick County's delegation, but decided last week to immediately give up that position.

Jenkins, a U.S. Navy veteran, said in a news release that he is chairman of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board.

-- Andrew Schotz

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