Creek sediment causes concerns

January 05, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Concerns about sediment in the Antietam Creek dominated discussion at the Washington Township Supervisors' meeting held Friday, according to the chairman of the board.

Carroll Sturm said Sunday that the supervisors agreed to meet with the local water and sewer authority to question how a new well affects the stream health.

"The creek is back to normal (since November), but they're planning on pumping their new well again," Sturm said.

Acknowledging initial problems with well testing, Washington Township Municipal Authority Manager Sean McFarland said he'd be happy to talk to the supervisors about the progress. The main issue, he said, is that the well is simply producing too much water.

"We will pump enough water (in 24 hours) to cover a football field, including both end zones, with five feet of water," McFarland said Sunday night.


The WTMA manager said that while the new well northeast of Waynesboro will be a great long-term benefit for the township, the sheer volume of water has been overwhelming at first. All testing has been conducted under the oversight of several agencies, including the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, he said.

Without talking to the supervisors, McFarland said he doesn't know much about their stream discoloration concerns. However, some of it could be caused by the new well, he acknowledged.

"On the last day of drilling, we think some sediment may have escaped the site and we stopped," McFarland said.

The supervisors plan to appoint someone to a five-year term on the WTMA at tonight's meeting. Jeff Geesaman applied to be re-appointed to his position on the five-person board.

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