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January 05, 2009

Last week's question:

On the Christmas just past, what was your greatest blessing?

o Gathering with friends and family.-- 68 votes (52 percent)

o Attending church and reflecting on the birth of Jesus.-- 33 votes (25 percent)

o Getting the gift I'd been hoping for. -- 0 votes (0 percent)

o Still having a job. 12 votes (9 percent)

o Nothing. Christmas is just another day to me. -- 17 votes (13 percent)


o Posted by independent on Dec. 27

Gathering with friends and family, because they may not be there in the future. These are the memories that get you through tough times and give you a smile when you think back.


Next week's question:

With the downturn in the economy, most people have had to economize in some way. What have you decided to do without to save money?

o Restaurant meals.

o Sightseeing and road trips.

o Fitness club memberships.

o Clothes shopping.

o Expensive groceries.

o Nothing. What's the use of working if you can't spend some of the money you make on frivolous items?

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