Mail Call

January 05, 2009

"The West Virginia MARC moochers want not only to continue their expensive subsidy from the taxpayers, they also want to increase it. Come on, it's only $4 more per day. Otherwise, you can drive. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"To the person who called about the Honda hitting the dog: I am sorry to hear about any animal being hurt or killed, but if the dog's owners were responsible ... they would have kept the dog inside at 9:00 at night. It is not the driver's problem that the dog got hit - and these empty threats about calling the police - give me a break. Keep your dog inside ... and these things won't happen."

"I know 2009 is looking up when the first child born in Washington County and both parents all share the same last name. Finally, some young people did it right and didn't forego marriage to take advantage of all the free government programs for single mothers. I, as a taxpayer, thank you." - Dargan


"Thank you for publishing the heartwarming article written by Taylor Eckel this week, about visiting Reeders Memorial Home with her dog, Terra. In these troubled times, more of us should do this with our pets. It would help to take our minds off our troubles for a while and to see how lucky we are in some respects." - Shepherdstown, W.Va.

"I noticed in the paper the other day that they are talking about reassessing our homes and other properties to raise our taxes for 2009. If they reassess our properties, there would be a decrease in taxes, since our homes are no longer what they are assessed because of the bottom dropping out of the housing market. I sometimes wonder where these people are coming from with their ideas. They need to consider a lot of people are now unemployed. Where are they and others like them going to get the additional money, since they are trying to make ends meet on their unemployment checks now? You people need to follow the example of Gov. O'Malley and rethink their budget needs. Come on, people, let's all get behind this reassessment of our homes and let them know how we feel. Contact the governor, county commissioners, etc." - Chewsville

"I'm calling in response to the article you had in Mail Call, and the lady saying that the delivery people must not have needed the money. She is so wrong. We not only appreciate all our tips, we gave out over 300 Christmas cards. We got a 6 percent response, which was great. Everything we got, we hand-mailed and stamped, out of our own money, a thank-you card to our valuable customers. We really do appreciate everything you give us during the course of the year, not just at Christmastime. But Christmas cards did go out."

"I just heard President Bush say on TV that he doesn't take the Bible literally. Also, I've heard that he has said that every religion worships the same God. I think this is very interesting. What do you think?" - Hagerstown

"This is to the caller - I hope he wasn't white - when he called in and said that racism is not as bad as it was, because only a white man can say this. ... Until you walk in a black man's shoes, don't say anything about how racism has changed, because you have no idea." - Hagerstown

"To the person who thinks The Herald-Mail should be printed in Spanish also: If Spanish-speaking people or other foreigners want to come to this country for the benefits that can be garnered here, then they should have to learn the English language. We should not cater to their languages." - Clear Spring

"I'm the person that called in and said about the pictures they were seeing of Michelle Obama in the red-and-black dress were clips from the day Obama was (voted in) for president, and now someone calls in and told me to call back in and tell them what the future holds. What is their point? I wasn't talking about the future. ... I was calling because people thought she kept wearing a red-and-black dress, which she wasn't. And that's not the future, that was the past. That was my point." - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to call in and let the person know who lives approximately four houses up from the big white church in Leitersburg how pretty their house looked this Christmas. It was very simple, but still very pretty - just swags and bows on the windows, with candles in the windows. Just wanted to let the person know how nice it looked." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Happy new year to you. I'm wondering several things: for one, why I saw on Channel 58 news that a Russian professor believes that the U.S. will be done by 2010, overrun by the Mexican population, and has slashed our country into a number of different parts. That's one question. The second one is why there's so many war movies on. This is the second one I'm watching now, and now I'm watching 'Saving Private Ryan,' and wondering why this guy doesn't shoot the German right then and there - or is that murder? I'm not quite sure about how this stuff all works, but hey, Happy New Year." - Hagerstown

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