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Mail Call

January 01, 2009

"I don't understand the school board mentality. We keep hearing about Rockland Woods being built for 735 enrollment, with only 500 presently enrolled, and redistricting again. All this county has heard for years was schools are at capacity or above capacity. You would think that a school that is at less than capacity would be the ideal."

-- Boonsboro

"About one of the editorials in Sunday's paper, by Chris Meyers, I'd like to say kudos to Chris on his thoughts about politics and the media, the economy. Well done, Chris."

-- Hagerstown

"I want to congratulate the Cowboys for their wonderful season, and imploding from the inside. It was great to watch. People don't listen to the experts and to regular fans. Every team that Terrell Owens is on implodes sooner or later. The man needs to be kicked out of the league, or put on the Oakland Raiders."

-- Hagerstown


"I'm reading here in the paper about the Chesapeake Bay. It is saying we've been hearing the same song for 25 years. There is nothing different than the species of crabs, oysters, clams, that they are declining. I want to know what they are doing with my flush tax money the Republican governor Ehrlich hit us with. He ate many of crabs, oysters, and clams from the bay. Is that what my flush tax was used for?"

-- Clear Spring

"Over the years, we've heard something like, 'Why would a loving and merciful God send anyone to hell to burn forever and ever?' As a matter of fact, God is a loving, merciful heavenly father, who provided a way to heaven through faith in his divine son Jesus Christ, who died to open the way for all mankind since Adam. So if we reject such great love and mercy, we're guilty of the ultimate crime against God and ourselves."

-- Greencastle, Pa.

"In reference to the article this morning on the paper, Dec. 30, about the high-energy face windows downtown and on the Donnie Bowman building on South Potomac Street, go for it, Mr. Bowman. You and Charlie Sekula have to be honored for what you're doing for downtown. You look at those other deplorable buildings in the area, and hats off for what you're doing. But you two don't get recognized like you should."

-- Chewsville

"I love the story 'Puppy love' on page B6 of Tuesday's Herald-Mail. The young lady, Taylor Eckel, has much compassion for the elderly, and her dog Terra seems to sense they are not a danger to her. Taylor is an example of what's good about today's teenagers, and the residents of Reeders home are the beneficiaries."

-- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Reading in Tuesday's paper, Dec. 30, about the developer and HDC, that the HDC is giving him a fit: Go get 'em, Donnie. I don't think hardly anybody cares about the history of the Hagerstown anymore. I'd rather live in an apartment building that's warm and has good windows than ones that leak and let in cold air. Only your older generation cares about history anymore. Very few of your younger generations do."

"Demographics have changed dramatically in Washington County over the last 10 years. We all live closer together now. At the same time, people have become less respectful. Washington County needs a noise ordinance. If Jefferson County, W.Va., can do it, we can do. Let's protect our peaceful heritage."

-- Gapland

"Concerning the comment by the caller saying that people need to do more for the homeless in the area, I would like to say people only want to do stuff for the homeless whenever it's really cold outside, whenever the weather's really bad, but any other time they don't give a care at all for the homeless ... and I feel all this money that our government has been wasting overseas, why aren't they wasting some of that money in this country, for the homeless and the needy?"

-- Greencastle, Pa.

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