Mail Call

December 31, 2008

"I just wanted to say that I think it'd be great if The Herald-Mail could -- I think they should also print the paper in Spanish. You know, I have family who are not originally from this country, and although English isn't their first language, they would like to read the paper, and I think we got a great paper here, and I think it'd be a great thing to do." -- Hagerstown

"Perhaps someone out there could explain this to me. If the house on the circle at Mapleville Road/Mount Aetna Road is considered a historical site, why is vinyl siding being placed on it?" -- Cavetown

"To the person from Hagerstown who said that all those pictures of Michelle Obama in that red-and-black dress were clips from the day Obama was sworn in as president: I beg you to call back in and tell me what else the future holds. I would find it very financially rewarding to get some stock tips from next month, along with who is going to be in the Super Bowl. Please keep me informed." -- Williamsport


"I found the action of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush to be more gratifying than amusing. He spoke truth to power, and it was a breath of fresh air. The fact is, we illegally invaded and occupy his country, and millions of Iraqis have been killed and displaced. I think the action of this journalist is comparable to the actions of brave patriots such as the Boston Tea Party at the time of the American Revolution. Only his supporters would have considered that an insult to King George."

"Global warming may be happening, but we are making Al Gore and others rich. It is a new tax to feed the never-satisfied government. The Nobel Peace Prize was given to Al to place more credibility to his theory. If it is happening, it will be hundreds of years before we really know."

"To the lady whose dog suffers from the air compressor noise: I laughed so hard. That man is doing work on his property. If the noise is that bad, buy him a less noisy compressor. I have $500 in getting mine set up and I would not stop using it because of a dog's ears -- unless someone bought (me) a quieter one, which mine is. If that's not a good enough solution, you have two more options. One, continue to ... complain; or two, doggie ear plugs."

"Obama's circus train of adoration stops on Jan. 20, when reality sets in. We know he ... lacks experience, but he also lacks focus and discipline. Star power and media mania won't count if planes crash into buildings or masses drop dead from chem bio attacks, and his only qualification is 'first black man.' No doubt his response to terrorism will be the same as Clinton's: nothing. Bill was an intelligent man, but also lacking ... he couldn't keep his clothes on in the West Wing, a serious lack of self-control. With Obama, Hillary and the Clinton retreads, prepare to live in fear of attack. I've watched every inauguration with great pride, but I won't watch the inauguration of (Obama)."

"I was wondering why the paper boys didn't send out Christmas cards to their customers so that they could get a nice Christmas present. Maybe they make too much money, I guess. I don't know." -- Hagerstown

"We enjoyed the Christmas lights so much on West Frederick Street in Williamsport, in the Williamsport park. It would be nice to see Hagerstown park fixed up like that, as Williamsport's." -- Hagerstown

"In answer to your editor's question, 'When was the last time anyone had high expectations for Democrats?' I'd say ... in the last two years." -- Washington County

"I remember last year I saw in the paper, you know how they have Blast from the Past? It was like 25 years ago, the City Council decides to spend money on consultants to revitalize the downtown area. It's been going on for 25 years, people. Now you're gonna spend another, what, $60,000, for another consultant to tell you the same exact thing that the other ones have told you? Every one of these ... money like their personal bank account and they seem like it's endless. I'm tired of paying taxes. Hey, councilmen, I got $10 left from Christmas. You want that, too?" -- Hagerstown

"I wish to thank the people at the mall, at J.C. Penney, that helped me find my car. I forgot where I parked it. They got the security guard to help me find it. I parked in the back of the store instead of the front. Sorry if I caused any problems for anyone. God bless you all, and hope you have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year's." -- Sharpsburg Pike

"When a lot of people start putting wind generators to cut down on their electric bills, I feel the government will put a wind user fee on it. You know, like the flush tax? Meter readers will come and read how many wind hours you have used." -- Clear Spring

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