Stray horse found in Hancock

December 30, 2008

HANCOCK -- A stray horse was found in Hancock last week, and the Humane Society of Washington County also is reporting an increase in the number of cats and dogs being abandoned locally.

"I hope this is not the beginning of what other municipalities are already experiencing," Executive Director Paul Miller said in a press release.

The horse, found Dec. 22 in a field off Creek Road in Hancock, was underweight and limping due to an injured foot, according to the release. Miller said officials are trying to contact the owner of the 20-year-old grade sorrel quarter horse.

Anyone with information about the horse may call 301-733-2060, ext. 203.

Five stray dogs and four abandoned cats also were reported recently -- a "drastic increase" for the local humane society, the release stated.


Humane Society officials are asking that all pet owners concerned about the cost of caring for their pets look for solutions early by asking friends, family members or others if they would be interested in adopting a pet. Local kennels or veterinary practices also could have space available at a low cost, the release stated.

Officials say that pets should never be abandoned.

"It isn't fair to think your domesticated pet will fare well by themselves out in the wild," Miller said. "They are used to being provided for so it is unkind to let them suffer by starving, (being) attacked by other animals, injured by humans or being hit by a vehicle if they are let loose."

The Humane Society of Washington County can be contacted on the Web at

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