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Mail Call

December 29, 2008

"So the state is going to furlough all of these employees. What happens if we have a blizzard? I guess you are just snowed in for a few days. You had better go to the store now to get milk, bread, tp, etc. The state wouldn't furlough anyone until they check with Lou on the weather."

"A barrel of oil dropped to $38, but this will have no effect on the price of gas in the Martinsburg, W.Va., area. Gas sells at most stations from $1.69 (to) $1.77. If the price (of) oil drops again, guess our gas price will go up (per gallon)." -- Spring Mills, W.Va.

"I'd like to know why the federal government never takes a cut in their employees. There's 30,000 of them working in Washington, D.C., with great wages, so I'd like to know why. I think there's 3 million all total -- I might be wrong -- but why don't the federal government pay more taxes than, I think, 2 percent? So they're gonna take control of everything, your taxes are gonna go sky high, and they won't cut one penny out of their wages, and they might hire somebody to figure out why."


"Apparently, in spite of his campaign promises, President-elect Obama does not feel that global warming is a big enough problem to prevent him from flying to Hawaii with his family in, I quote, 'a largely empty 767,' which they chartered." -- Smithsburg

"I was wondering if anybody could tell me how it's decided whether a light has an arrow for traffic or not, and I was also wondering if they don't do that around Hagerstown because it's more expensive. I'd really just appreciate if somebody could let me know the answers to these questions."

"This is a very special thanks for all the students and staff at Smithsburg Middle, (a) second-grade class at Smithsburg Elementary, the students at Cascade Elementary, and the children on Bus 51C, and the senior citizens at Smithsburg, for all the cards and gifts we have collected for our servicemen and women, and ... from Diane, Judy, Sue, Patty and Linda, the cafeteria staff at Smithsburg Middle. Thanks again ... and God bless you all." -- Smithsburg

"I'm calling toward Gov. O'Malley wanting to save a lot of money. They ought to take away the inmates' pay that they get paid each day. If you add that up through the state of Maryland, that's a lot of money that would be saved. Think about it hard, O'Malley." -- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I'm calling because I picked up the newspaper and I see where a homeless person froze to death outside. I just think that it's completely outrageous that there is not more done for homeless people. There's no way anybody can survive in this horrible weather we're having outside. I would like to ask Hagerstown to please do more for the homeless people, so that we don't have these tragedies happen again. I'm just asking anybody in the position to help. So please help the homeless." -- Hagerstown

"I laughed, too -- it's called 'freedom.' It wasn't the shoe being thrown, it was how fast the President ducked. Good job, Mr. President. What another country calls disrespect doesn't mean I buy into it. I'm glad we can laugh, because it could have been a bullet, and then we wouldn't have laughed. Name-calling a group of people you don't even know shows your ignorance."

"It's amazing when you read in the paper how dumb people can really be, and how they do not know anything about politics. The person making a reference to the Kennedy girl being a senator to Sarah Palin with no experience. Excuse me, but Sarah Palin was a mayor, and she was also a governor of Alaska. Caroline Kennedy had no experience whatsoever. So you better read up on politics." -- Hagerstown

"I'd like to put two items together that were in Tuesday's Mail Call. Why spend $58,000 on another study of the downtown, to add to the dozens that have already been done? We all know what the downtown is all about. We all know there's no way anybody's going to successfully market it. Take that $58,000 and give it to the folks at Holly Place, so that those old folks can stay." -- Hagerstown

"The letter Wednesday by Chris Meyers is 100 percent correct. All I ever read or hear from the news media is how bad Bush is, and ... smart ... remarks about Palin. The news media is one of America's most major problems. They're very biased against any Republicans. And by the way, I'm an independent." -- Jefferson County, W.Va.

"To all you nasty eat-and-drive drivers and big people out there: How about picking up your trash, instead of throwing it out in the road? When you park in a parking lot, you flip it out of your car onto the daggone parking lot, you throw it out of your car when you're driving down the street. It's crazy. You discard this stuff all over town. What a disgrace." -- Hagerstown

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