FCC art students' work judged at show

December 29, 2008

FREDERICK, Md. -- Frederick Community College visual arts students concluded the fall semester with a juried show and gallery exhibit displaying the best of the term's artwork. The FCC Student Show will be exhibited through Jan. 8, at the Mary Condon Hodgson Art Gallery in F Building.

Works selected for the show were chosen by the students in each art class. Students voted for three pieces that best represent the class as a whole. An invited judge, independent from the college, ranked the pieces for awards. The top award is the Judge's Choice, a $75 recognition for best in show. First- place prizes of $50, second-place honors at $35, and honorable mention recognitions of $25 were given for the judge's top three selections in each category.

o The Judge's Choice Award went to a sculpture by Deborah LaGarde titled "Ashes Like Bread."

o In the drawing category, the first-place award went to Erika Berg for "The Sock Monkey," second place to Kyle Dietrich for "Teletubbies," and honorable mention to Mat Brady for "Honda Motorcycle."


o In photography, Anna Tougarina received the first-place award for "Forgotten," Ben Smith and Amanda Kessler received second place for a collaborative work titled "Duet," and Joanna Pugliese received honorable mention for "Faceless."

o In ceramics, Cecilia Morgan's untitled piece won first place; Georgia Geisser's untitled piece received second place, and Karen Dubois's, "Tea Pot Set" received honorable mention.

o In sculpture, first place went to Bill Groff for his "Starship Enterprise," second place to Erica Lafferty for "Twist," and honorable mention to Colleen Rollins for "Hate Simply Ousted."

o In the fundamentals of design category, Jackie Nachlas received first place for "Transformer," Heather Scott, second place for "Mask," and Michael Voorhis, honorable mention for an untitled piece.

o In watercolor painting, Abby Trout won first place for "Over the Rainbow," Alison Smoot won second place for "Towering Dream," and Gail McDermott received honorable mention for "Fractured Life."

o In the category of illustration, Rachael Rabat won first place for "Clown Phobia," Colleen Rollins won second place for "Chicken Phobia," and Mischa Lollar received honorable mention for her self-portrait.

o In digital photography, first place went to Lainey Hough for "Reflections of Me," second place to Raven Jones for "Kisses," and honorable mention to William Davy for "Adrift."

o In computer graphics, first place went to Kileigh Susice for "Rally Against Racism," second place to Renee Meunier for "Joust," and honorable mention to Amber Haldis for "Diagnosis."

The judge for the show was Colleen R. Clapp, a Frederick graphic designer.

For more information about the student exhibit and art programs at Frederick Community College, call Wendell Poindexter at 301-846-2513.

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