Animal instincts

Tri-State readers capture critters as they eat, play and live

Tri-State readers capture critters as they eat, play and live

December 28, 2008|By CRYSTAL SCHELLE

There's something about an animal photo that makes you say, "Awww." Or in the case of the salamander, "Ewww."

Some of our Tri-State readers took shots of animals in the area and here are the results.

The Herald-Mail runs readers' best recent photographs taken in the Tri-State area. Send us your best snapshots of any subject, from landscapes to plant life to people. Variety is important.

Quality is key. Sharp, large, color images are best. If the subject is small, get close or use a telephoto lens to make the subject appear large in the photo. Digital photos must be sharp, at least 6 inches wide and have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Files should be in JPEG or TIFF formats and sent as e-mail attachments.

We do not have space for family portraits, posed scenes or news photos that are published elsewhere in the newspaper.


There are three ways to submit a photo:

o Drop it off at The Herald-Mail office at 100 Summit Ave. in Hagerstown, MD 21741.

o Mail it to The Herald-Mail Co., c/o Lifestyle, P.O. Box 439, Hagerstown, MD 21741.

o E-mail to with "submitted photo" in the subject line.

With the photo, give us your name, a daytime phone number and a brief description of the story behind the photo. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you mail your photo and you want it returned.


Mary Crumrine, 58, of Hagerstown, took this shot of fox kits playing in her backyard with a Cannon PowerShot A720, a gift from her husband last Christmas. Earlier in the year she saw the dog fox and vixen in their backyard. The foxes produced the litter of six fox kits in the spring. "We saw these little red balls of fur," she said, when the kits had come out of the den in the spring.

Annette Deener, 55, of Sharpsburg took this photo in January with her Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. The photo shows her son's dog, Logan, standing in the snow on the family's driveway. The scene caught Deener's eye. "I think it was the contrast of the flags and the snow and, at the time, our son was in Iraq," she said.

Karen Swan, 48, of Williamsport, snapped this photo of her cocker spaniel pup Sassy as the pup discovered a new friend. Swan said the pup discovered the turtle while they were walking on the driveway of her parents' Breezewood, Pa., home. Swan said Sassy acted "really strange" and repeatedly walked around the turtle. "It was comical," she said. Swann took the photo with her Fuji digital 3000 camera.

Nick Dadario, 58, of Waynesboro, Pa., said he heard an unusual noise coming from his garage. Going to investigate, he saw that a skunk was eating from his cat's food bowl. Dadario said he took this photo with his Cannon Rebel 35 mm out of his bathroom window, being afraid he might spook the skunk if he walked into the garage. "I wasn't going to stick my head out to find out," he said.

Nancy Winger, 76, of Halfway, took this photo of a robin building her nest in May with her Nikon COOKPIX 4100. "They built it on the back porch light and all I could think that they had a home with electricity," she said. Winger said she was disappointed to see the birds learn how to fly. "I'm hoping they'll come back next spring," she said.

Patty Murray, 43, of McConnellsburg, Pa., took this picture of a salamander in October with her Polaroid digital camera. After a hard rain, she saw an orange salamander crawl under the gutter drain of her home. She lifted up the gutter ... and saw a yellow salamander. "I'm not sure if it changed colors," she said.

Sara Williams, 18, of Williamsport found this snake swimming in her pond in her backyard. She was unsure of what type of snake it was, but said it was about 12 inches long. She took the photo in June, making sure to keep a distance of 2 feet. "I'd never seen a snake in that pond before and I wanted to show my family," she said.

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