Mail Call

December 26, 2008

"In the interest of raising the discourse in this column, I would ask that all callers be 100 sure of the facts before they distort them." -- Smithsburg

"I'm watching the news, and they're talking about how people can't afford to do this or that or have their decorations up, including the towns and so forth. I wonder how much the CEOs are giving up." -- Williamsport

"This is for the person that called in and said about the First Lady wearing the red-and-black dress all the time. Well, that's just clips from when, from the day Obama was swore in as president. She's just seeing clips from the same day. She only wore that dress one day. ... That's just clips, old clips." -- Hagerstown

"Whose birthday is it, anyway? If it were my birthday and everybody went around giving everybody gifts and forgot about me, I'd be pretty upset." -- Hagerstown


"This is in regards to the call-in on the person that said the President-elect Obama's name was given to him at birth. That is true, but he made a reference to a draft dodger, and I'm sure he's probably one of these liberals that is accusing President Bush of being a draft dodger. President Bush served his country in the National Guard. Look what the National Guard is doing today." -- Hagerstown

"To the people from Boonsboro and surrounding areas that say that it's wrong to be laughing because the shoes were thrown at President Bush, but would be laughing at Obama if he was ducking bullets: What are you even thinking? ... It wasn't like the guy in Iraq was trying to kill Bush. He threw shoes at him. Yes, it was a disgrace. I think it was hilarious, but it was a disgrace to Bush, because Bush has gone and screwed up their country. Barack Obama hasn't. ... He has done nothing yet. Shoes and bullets have nothing in common. It shows how bigoted some people in this area are."

"I am a staunch right-wing Republican that I don't choose to call myself either Republican or Democrat, because I think they're both parties are really foolish, but I do want to say that the shoe throwing thing at President Bush over in Iraq was, it was pretty funny, and just to get over, I do put this country first ... but I think he's done a lot worse in this country."

"I'm calling in regards to the person who wrote in the letter from Hagerstown about people in restaurants putting on Academy Awards for waiting on tables. That is so wrong, and he knows nothing about it, because I'm a waitress in Frederick, Md., and I care a lot about my customers. I've gone to hospitals, sent flowers, inquired about breast cancer survivors, gone out to dinner with friends that I've made through."

"I'm calling concerning my paper delivery person who delivers on Crossfield Road. I think they have done a wonderful job all year. The paper's always on time, and it's always where it should be. So once again, I want to thank Mr. Snodderly very much for the fine work he has done." -- Hagerstown

"Millions and millions of people are falling into poverty, and you read in the paper where these bank executives are making millions and millions of dollars. Something's got to be done about this." -- Clear Spring

"Concerning the articles I've been reading concerning the six Antrim Township workers that have lost their jobs a few months ago, I feel that you reporters, along with other people, need to get on another subject or issue. I mean, that subject and issue is starting to get old. It's starting to sound like a broken record. I mean, there's other issues and stories out there that you reporters can report on. It's just you reporters don't want to report on those stories. I mean, it's just the way it is." -- Greencastle, Pa.

"I've noticed the state police giving out a lot of tickets on Sharpsburg Pike. It'd be nice if they would patrol College Road. Just think, they'd get them -- instead of going from 70 in a 50, they could get them for going 70 in a 40." -- College Road

"I'm calling in to say thank you to all the people that volunteered this Christmas season to help low-income families and children have a nice Christmas. I want to say merry Christmas and happy new year to all of them, and God bless them for everything they have done, and I just pray -- and just to let them know that they have been a blessing to me and my family this Christmas holiday. So I just wanted to say thank you." -- Hagerstown

"Someone called in and said you should be helpful by taking a shopping cart out of the parking lot. Well, I think it's deplorable the way the lazy people let them sit out there. Yesterday at the Valley Mall, someone left a rental stroller between the truck parked next to my car. I didn't see it from the driver's seat, so now I have a nice scratch on my fender because of it. I think it's absolutely inexcusable." -- Hagerstown

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