Letters to the Editor

December 23, 2008

Editor's note: On Nov. 27, Editorial Page Editor Bob Maginnis wrote a column announcing that two anonymous donors would give away $4,000 in $100 increments.

To get the cash, writers had to tell how they would make someone's Christmas better in 100 words or less.

Four donors provided money in the following amounts: $3,000; $1,200, $1,000 and $100.

What follows is the last batch of letters. All checks have now been mailed. The deadline to apply has passed.

I'd educate about Chiari

To the editor:

If I had a $100, I could make a better Christmas for someone by educating others about Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia and other related conditions that many local residents suffer from. We are unable to receive treatment at our local medical facilities. To those suffering from Chiari, don't give up.

Together, we will help make a difference in our future. One day we could possibly open a Chiari facility in our area, fill some of those empty buildings, create jobs for the unemployed and disabled, and increase our area's economy by bringing others into our beautiful city of Hagerstown for treatment.


Paula Crammer

Classmate's family could use an assist

To the editor:

If I am selected for this, I would like to use the money to help one of my close friends and his family. His father has had significant health issues in the past year. This has damaged them majorly financially.

My friend has not had Christmas in many years. They are struggling to keep him here at our school because of the price, especially since he lives in the dorm. I have succeeded in getting him into our Adventist Church's youth group and he is able to attend all events and trips with the help of a sponsor.

More than anything, I would love to give him and his family a Christmas this year. I genuinely believe it could change their lives and hopefully brighten their spirits and hopes over the Christmas season and throughout the year. Thank you and God bless.

Sidney Milam

I'd send mom's buddy on a trip

To the editor:

If I had $100, I could make a better Christmas for someone by buying a plane ticket for my mom's friend. She has Chiari and a tethered spinal cord and requires surgery. She cannot afford to travel to New York. If I had any money left over I would donate to the Chiari institute to help find a cure.

Damian Droneburg

A smile for Dec. 25

To the editor:

With $100, I could make a better Christmas for two people. Imagine living as an adult in a country where a simple surgery for a cleft lip cannot be performed. Next week, Operation Smile will be in Haiti, and $100 would give two people a new smile - just in time for Christmas.

Janet Pierre
McConnellsburg, Pa.

A neighbor in need

To the editor:

If I had $100, I would make a better Christmas for someone, my poor neighbor, who isn't working and his four dear children. I would buy and prepare their dinner and fix their furnace. They have only a two bedroom house and four adults live there. They use one kerosene heater. My prayers are for them. Everyone should celebrate the birth of Christ.

(The writer's name is being withheld to protect the privacy of the intended recipient.)

I'd help the poor

To the editor:

If I received $100, I could make Christmas better for someone by giving the money to an organization that assists people overseas. My friend, who has written a letter prior to myself, and I are planning to donate any money we receive to the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). By combining our money we plan to support a mission project by helping an underprivileged child in Nepal get an education or by giving animals/supplies to poor family farms in the Philippines. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help people who are not as fortunate as we are.

Sydney Tooley

Church program would get my $100

To the editor:

I can use $100 to make Christmas better for The Way. The Way is a Friday night vespers program at the Frederick Adventist Church. The Lord has really blessed the program because its new Web site has a video stream of the program.

One of our members found the church Web site and started attending. He was later baptized and is now a member of our church. This is an example of how powerful online ministry is. I know that God will use this money to do his work on earth through us. God bless you and may you have a wonderful Christmas.

Bobby Jepson
Frederick, Md.

Help me to feed all of my friends

To the editor:

Every holiday I am the person all my friends come to, in order to get together and celebrate. Most of my friends are my family. They don't have the best jobs or close families to go to for Thanksgiving or Christmas, so my house is the next best thing.

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