Mail Call

December 23, 2008

"I want my West Virginia public servants (delegates and senators, our misnamed 'leaders') to stop dreaming up new legislation that interferes even more with our lives. I want them to work on repealing every onerous statute that is on the books. The purpose of government is to ensure individual freedom and to defend and protect private property rights. Get to work." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"A traffic signal is needed at the intersection of Sharpsburg Pike and Poffenberger Road by the Bulldog Credit Union. Rumor is the state and county are unable to decide who will pay for the signal. There is a signal on Wesel Boulevard at the rear entrance to the Lowe's store, constantly blinking yellow, that could possibly be used - hopefully, before someone really gets hurt."

"The person who still thinks the shoe throwing was funny doesn't understand the culture of the Middle East. When Saddam's statue was torn, they hit it with shoes because it is a sign of disrespect, and with all the problem we have in the Middle East, to laugh is giving them power."


"I think this is a time to try to forget the last eight years of a failed administration in Washington, which tried its best to hurt most of us, both in this country and around the world. Look forward to a big change, which will try to lift us off the bottom, no matter how difficult. It's time to just say Merry Christmas and look forward to the new year." - Greencastle, Pa.

"My wife withdrew $100 from the ATM at the Sheetz on Maugansville Road on Saturday morning, and from the time it took her to get from the ATM to the counter, she realized that she had dropped it, and went right back to it, and it was gone already. Someone had picked it up that quickly, and must have seen my wife frantically going around the store looking for it. So whoever picked it up, I hope whoever found it, I hope it made your Christmas, because it put a big damper on ours. It was a very non-Christian thing to do right here at Christmastime." - Hagerstown

"Let's remember our mail carriers this Christmas. They're out seven days a week, in all kinds of weather, delivering our papers to our front doors." - Boonsboro

"To all you nasty cigarette smokers out there: ... How about picking up your cigarette packs and your discarded cigarette butts you throw out all over town? What a disgrace." - Hagerstown

"No one's talked about people parking in the fire lanes, so I'll just pass along what I witnessed today. South End Shopping Center, seven vehicles illegally parked in the fire lane. Of these seven, four were running, with their headlights on, evidently unlocked, and nobody sitting in the vehicles. Now people complaining about the money trap with the red lights and the cameras, start ticketing people like this, if they think it's a money trap." - Hagerstown

"I think it would be awful nice if some lawmakers who decided to take a five-days furlough amounting to $850 off their paychecks, I think it'd be awful nice if they would donate it to the Holly Place in Hagerstown, Md. It's much-needed funds." - Greencastle, Pa.

"With all the news about a government rescue plan for GM, Ford and Chrysler, it's leaving me curious about the truck companies; namely, Mack, Volvo, International, Freightliner, Kenworth and others. Being a Mack retiree, I realize we may well be affected by this huge global economic meltdown, concerning our pension and benefits. We should know something by March." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Watch out, Al Gore, for global warming. It snowed 3 1/2 inches in Las Vegas. First time it's had any measurable snow in 30-some years, so we gotta watch out for that global warming." - Williamsport

"With all the improvements, I want to know why the sewer bill is not paid off yet. They sold bonds for that thing 10 years ago, and it still screwed up my property taxes. The billing - runway on the airport, why is that thing not a top priority? It costs us a lot of money. Why is it not paid off yet?" - Hagerstown

"I'll title my little paragraph 'What's in a name?' Hussein, derived from Hassan, means good, handsome. A similar English name would be Alan; also meaning handsome. And Barack translates to 'He who is blessed.' So let's get off this, and remember that we don't pick our names. Our parents do."

"I was going to applaud Judge Boone for the six-year sentence for the dog killer, until I saw that he suspended it, all but 90 days. When are ... judges gonna sentence lawbreakers to actual jail time for punishment, and not probation, which means absolutely nothing? It's true that there are probably enough laws on the books, but they mean nothing also if judges won't enforce them. ... It's truly disgusting." - Washington County

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