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Poem is a reminder of reason for the season

Poem is a reminder of reason for the season

December 23, 2008|By SUSIE HOFFMAN / 301-790-2413

'Twas just days before Christmas and all through our town,

The houses are festive, holiday cheer does abound.

Twinkling lights fill the windows, wreaths hang at our doors;

Stockings are hung and there are cookies galore!

I often ponder with all the gifts and the trees

Do most understand the real Holiday theme?

Its the greatest party the earth has ever known

The food and the decorations, its all overblown.

A party indeed of the birthday kind

But do we still have the birthday boy in mind?


For every twenty snowmen and hundred Santas we see,

We might hear one mention of Christ the baby.

Born on this day so many, many years ago

There was no great party, not even the snow.

There was great fear and promise that day,

Just a tiny baby born in the hay.

What Mary did think as she looked at her child,

So peaceful and sleeping so sweet and so mild.

Could she have known the great things he would do,

The ultimate sacrifice for me and for you?

Did she hold him close and sing lullabies in his ear,

and know that one day he would make the deaf hear?

Did she show him the beauty that this world can be,

and think that one day he would make the blind see?

Did she teach him to walk and hold his dear hand,

Could she know that he would later make walk the lame man?

Could she know the great party we would throw every year,

To celebrate the birth of this Christ child so dear?

Would she want us to stop and to thank our great God,

For this gift oh so precious, would she find it so odd.

That we worry about trees and presents and more,

And not focus on the birthday the season is for.

So I ask you today to not hunt under the tree

For the greatest gift of all, the birth of the baby.

He's here for you now to be opened each day

To believe in and follow as you go on your way.

Yes all this is nice I am a fan of the season

But be clear dear friends I know the reason.

I wish for you all this most precious of time

I wish for you now in my silly Christmas rhyme

Peace among family and good will among friends

And to take the time before the holiday ends

To find the true Christmas, the one that will last;

long after the carols and presents have past.

A Christ child was born and to us he did give

The greatest present of all, and eternity to live.

Merriest of Christmas to all of you my friends old and new!

May God's love bless you and keep you!

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