Mail Call

December 22, 2008

"Re: Officer Nicholson's one-year memorial, I can't understand why the sheriff neglected to invite all law enforcement officers, town police as well, to this memorial." -- Hagerstown

"Just shaking my head at the latest from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's 'sermon' about how the Americans slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians on Dec. 7, 1945. His congregation all agreed and cheered at his ridiculous statement. That memorial was supposed to be remembered for the thousands of Americans that were bombed and killed on Dec. 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese."-- Hagerstown

"I'm reading in the paper today about the furloughs for state employees, I am a state employee, and I'd like to know how it is that the budget deficit is twice that of the previous estimate, which is $2 billion. My question is, how do you underestimate a billion dollars?"-- Hagerstown

"Under real capitalism, the government couldn't set the interest rates. By depressing the interest rates, the government has robbed the savers to benefit the builders and the financial industry. But you won't read that in the newspapers -- until now." -- Waynesboro, Pa.


"Why is that noisy propeller-driven airplane allowed to buzz and circle the city all day long? For months, on a daily basis it's there, and it's annoying, to say the least. Who cares if it stalls and crashes in the middle of town, or on top of the hospital, or school or girls' club? Which official in this city or county can stop this hazard before a tragedy occurs?" -- Hagerstown

"The politicians, state politicians are crying about having this terrible budget shortcoming and I'd like to remind them that part of the problem is their own making. By making this state one of the sanctuary states for illegal immigrants, now the state has to pay for their medical care, they got to pay for their housing and whatever other benefits they get. So I say the problem is their own. Don't take it out on us taxpayers." -- Williamsport

"Chalk up another one for your tractor-trailers on I-81. They got another 50-mile backup because of a tractor-trailer ... 50 trucks to one car." -- Washington County

"I would like to know how many millions of dollars the Kennedys are paying to have Caroline Kennedy buy Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. Also, when she is senator, I would like to know if the press will go, as they did Sarah Palin, and investigate since she was in grade school and buying all her clothes. I'd like to know if she goes to Salvation Army to buy her clothes."

"Some of you conservatives out there need to lighten up a little bit. The shoe-throwing incident with President Bush was funny. He himself, the president, was even laughing, so he must have thought it was funny." -- Hagerstown

"This is about Tim Rowland's column on country music. Tim, you missed this one, your column about country music. You definitely been away from it a- while, because some of the lyrics you took the wrong meaning out of them, and Johnny Cash isn't waiting on a liver; he's dead. Lee Greenwood never had the big song about the terrorists -- Alan Jackson did. But I'll forgive you because 90 percent of the time, your column's great." -- Hagerstown

"To the person who called and said the shoe was being thrown at all of us when it was thrown at George Bush: It was being thrown at George Bush, not all of us. If Barack Obama would have been there, it wouldn't have been thrown at him. And besides, throwing a pair of shoes at George Bush, that's just a waste of a good shoe." -- Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the layoffs for the workers for the state. They gotta take off so many days without pay. Why don't the federal government do that? They don't give up nothing. They get full pay, full benefits, whether it snows, rains or hurricanes, and I think they ought to take a 1 or 2 percent cut in pay ... in Washington, D.C., and they won't lose a nickel, and they'll get every benefit they can get. So I wish somebody would tell somebody to do something about it."

"In response to Maugansville, who took offense at people using Obama's middle name, haven't you heard? He now wants to use it, will use it when sworn in, to make nice with Muslim countries. So by that token, his middle name 'Hussein' is no longer taboo."

"Why are they wanting to get rid of the Illinois governor? He only did something out in the open by wanting money for it. What about all your politicians that get all this campaign contributions from these big businesses and stuff? They're doing the same thing. It's just legal for them to do it. I think it's wrong." -- Hagerstown

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