Legg brings music, stories to W.Va.

December 18, 2008|By TIFFANY ARNOLD

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - It seemed only fitting that British guitarist Adrian Legg took the phone call for this interview from a Chicago hotel room.

It was even more fitting that at the time of the call, he said he was in the middle of writing in his journal about last night's gig gone wrong. In fact, he compared the Chicago venue from the night before with some of the seedy Irish pubs he's played in.

"Except there wasn't any blood at this one," Legg said, laughing.

Hopefully, he will have better luck in West Virginia this weekend.

Legg, who has won multiple awards for his guitar playing, is scheduled for a show Sunday night at Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown. He said he's looking forward to it.

Legg's on-the-road stories were ripe material for his commentary on National Public Radio's, "All Things Considered," and as musings on his Web site. Sometimes, he said, people don't understand what musicians sacrifice in order to deliver an hour of music to fans who might love it or hate it.


During the interview, Legg wasn't bent on making people understand what he goes through on the road. Touring sucks - we get it.

Instead, Legg wanted to make clear that his music-making is simply another way to tell stories. He also said his music stems from his day-to-day experiences.

Legg said he grew up in a straight-laced family in Britain and was fed a heavy-handed diet of classical music. Though guitar music was considered a bit rebellious - he made his own guitars out of "anything that would twang" - strains of classical music still shape the kind of music Legg makes and is an influence he proudly owns.

Today, Legg, 60, calls London home. He says he's eased up on touring to spend more time there. Right now, he said, he misses his granddaughter.

Still writing new material, Legg has plenty of stories to tell. He expressed concern about the advent of "background music."

"It's an abuse of humanity," Legg said in a delightful British accent, adding that music should be talked about, not talked over - a hint for Shepherdstown concertgoers.

About Adrian Legg

Genre - Finger-style guitar

Hometown - London

Upcoming performance - Sunday, Dec. 21. Blue Moon Cafe, at the corner of High and Princess streets, Shepherdstown, W.Va. 7 p.m. Tickets cost $20 per person. Call 304-720-0554 or e-mail

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