Words in PRD plan lead to delay

December 16, 2008|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- A few key words on the Antietam Creek Estates Planned Residential Development, or PRD, plan put the Washington Township Board of Supervisors behind closed doors Monday and prolonged the approval of the tentative plan.

Supervisors voted to amend a plan condition requiring developer Dan Long to conduct a traffic study to "reasonably" determine if moving the development's access road to match up with the access point for the B2M2 development was feasible.

Attorney Stephen Patterson said before the decision Monday, he felt the condition, as last amended, gave the township too much latitude.

"The sands have shifted, now the township can dictate if the access road is to be relocated," he said.

Solicitor John Lisko said the condition hinges on whether or not to move the access road on a traffic study.

The township will use the study, paid for by the developer, to determine if moving the road is feasible, he said.


Long said that to move the road 475 feet south to meet up with B2M2, would require him to purchase additional land from his neighbor, K&M Dri-Lay, so he asked the board to give him assurance that economics would be considered in determining feasibility.

"What if he won't sell me the land I would need to do this?" Long asked.

Mark Bard, president of project engineer All-Land Services Inc., said two different traffic studies could come to different conclusions as to what is feasible, so he encouraged as much direction in the condition as possible.

"Lucky" condition 13 passed along with the tentative plan Monday to require the study "in addition to other factors, consider the cost of relocating the intersection."

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