Investigation of city shootings continues

December 16, 2008|By DAVE McMILLION

HAGERSTOWN -- Two people were shot Tuesday night in the area of Jonathan Street and both were taken to Washington County Hospital, according to Hagerstown Police Lt. Mike King.

Hagerstown police Sgt. Paul Kifer said this morning that one of the victims was treated and released from Washington County Hospital Tuesday night. The other was transferred to Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. That victim's condition was not immediately available, Kifer said.

Police have identified a suspect, and expect to have a warrant in hand by noon today, Kifer said.

"We're still interviewing a bunch of people," King said about 10 p.m. Tuesday. He did not say exactly where the victims were found or whether they were male or female.

Police received a call for shots fired at 7:13 p.m. They cordoned off several areas, including the intersection of Blooms Avenue and Jonathan Street, while K-9 units combed the scene.


At one point, a plainclothes man joined uniformed police officers and climbed the stairs to a house at the intersection. The man drew a handgun and held it behind a shield as he moved toward the house. He later came out of the house and police left the home.

Other officers walked through alleys, peering around homes.

Bystanders milled around in the streets and walked in and out of the Elks Lodge 278 at the intersection of Blooms Avenue and Jonathan Street.

By 9:30 p.m., police had set up a mobile command center on Murph Avenue near its intersection with Jonathan Street. Emergency lights illuminated the scene around the mobile command center.

Officers also were working out of a community center on Murph Avenue. Officers walked around with cameras and were shining flashlights on the sides of buildings near the community center.

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