Mail Call

December 15, 2008

"Let's see, remember the 'big brother' syndrome we all heard about 50 years ago? It's starting with the red light cameras. Before you know it, they will be everywhere, seriously, and all of the police will have offices and new computers, instead of new Dodge Chargers, and instead of walking or patrolling the beat, it will be watching the beat. Cameras and computers are the beginning of a new way of life."

"I'm calling about the Around Williamsport, Smithsburg, different little cities. I think it would be nice - and years ago the Funkstown Susie lady did this - she'd put a recipe in for the area. I thought that was real nice. And we just need to know more about the fundraisers that are happening in the areas, not so much as Boy Scouts, but like the Lions Club and the Ruritan clubs, what they're doing, helping people." - Hagerstown


"I'm calling about the comment that was left in Mail Call on Monday, Dec. 8, to the person who was in their doctor's office and said that there was a person there with a dog. That dog was probably a service dog. Service dogs are there to help those who are blind, mentally disabled, or people with epilepsy and other disorders. The doctor's office I'm sure knows that that is a service dog. Service dogs are allowed in any public place; doctors' offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc." - Clear Spring

"I can't believe there's still someone out there that believes that the Iraq invasion was a good decision." - Hagerstown

"I was recently at my doctor's office, and it's decorated very nice for Christmas, to cheer people up, I'm sure, but there was a woman with two children in there that she was just letting run wild. ... Now this went on and on, and all this woman would say was 'Don't touch,' but she would not take the effort to sit them down in chairs and correct them. It's no wonder people complain about the kids nowadays." - Hagerstown

"I thought it was really downright ridiculous ... for the investigators and the police to arrest the Illinois governor at his home while his family was still sleeping. I mean, they could have handled that in a better manner than that." - Greencastle, Pa.

"How times have changed. Harry Truman said, 'The buck stops here.' The governor of Illinois says 'You've got to make a buck while you can.'" - Smithsburg

"I'd like to compliment the family living on North Main Street in Boonsboro that have decorated their home with a lovely blue and gold color scheme. It's lovely to look at, and I admire it and feel soothed when I look at it every night when I drive home from work. Thank you for providing the beauty for the rest of us to enjoy." - Boonsboro

"There is not such a thing as a leash law in Washington County. ... There is no requirement to have your dog on a leash in Washington County."

"For anyone feeding the feral cats: You should beware of the diseases they transmit, like feline leukemia, rabies, cat scratch fever. They also breed excessively. It's causing a never-ending problem. Do the cats a favor. Take them to the SPCA and have them neutered. Maybe they can find a good home." - Boonsboro

"I just wanted to let everyone know they had a delightful program at Fairview School in Waynesboro, Pa., on Tuesday evening, Dec. 9. It was a Christmas program. They kept Christmas in the school. They had first- and second-graders, and fifth- and sixth-graders in it, and it was a delightful band program and a little play, and I thought it was delightful."

"The American public voted for change and they're already getting it. The change is from clean to corruption." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I am shocked at the married men that are on gay Web sites. I decided to check into this after a friend of mine found out that her husband is gay and has been living two lifestyles, and I just can't believe he's not the only one, and how open these men are, that they put their faces right on the profile. I would ask every man and woman to check out these profiles on Web sites and find out if your spouse is living a double life." - Hagerstown

"I wonder how the government is going to pick and choose what companies they bail out. Will it have to do with how many people lose their jobs, how much revenue they bring in? Because it all boils down to how much taxes these companies pay. The government would lose their money, plus have people unemployed. I was wondering if anyone had any idea how our government does pick and choose."

"Isn't it ironic that the conservatives are not really conservatives? They act, think and spend just like drunken sailors." - Hagerstown

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