Students dress up Sharpsburg's trees

December 15, 2008|By HEATHER KEELS

SHARPSBURG -- The pair of evergreen trees in front of the Sharpsburg Library were transformed into festive art displays Monday by Sharpsburg Elementary School students, who each contributed a handmade ornament as part of a town Christmas tradition.

Each grade made a different type of ornament in art class in preparation for the event, art teacher Ashley Priest said.

"We just had to make something simple that can survive the weather," she said.

The kindergartners made stars out of craft sticks, the first-graders decorated pine cones, the second-graders made tissue-paper snowflakes, the third-graders made snowflakes from wire and beads, the fourth-graders made God's Eye yarn ornaments and the fifth-graders made origami stars, she said.

First-grader Matthew Beans said the pine cone ornaments were easy to make.

"You have a pine cone and you take them and you put glue on one of the sticks," he explained.

First-grader Makayla Varron said her favorite part was adding the decorations. The students sprinkled small, sparkly beads onto the glue to make the pine cones glitter.


The activity also provides an opportunity to talk about community involvement, Priest said.

"We talk about how we're part of this community and making these ornaments is helping to make the community better because we're helping decorate the town," she said.

After hanging the ornaments, the students went inside the library for a visit with Santa Claus, and got cookies and juice donated by parents and PTO members.

The students enjoy making the ornaments and get excited about walking down to the square to hang them, principal Carl Stark said.

The town gives the school $200 to buy supplies for the ornaments, Vice Mayor Jeffery Saylor said.

Saylor said the student-made decorations have been a tradition for about 10 years.

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