What Do You Think?

December 14, 2008

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will run in The Herald-Mail.

Last week there were three poll questions. The first question was: Have you or someone you know lost a job during the current recession?

"I'm still employed, but my income has dropped by more than 50 percent with a baby on the way, and finding other work has been very disappointing."

"Sad to see so many manufacturing jobs lost in this country over the last several decades. Perhaps one day, we will realize the unions have too much power and have been the main cause of this job loss."


"533,000 jobs lost in a month in November is a big deal. I'd bet it will get much worse before it gets better. Nearly every state is carrying record deficits as well as our federal government. With record job losses ,the majority of the population will cut back on spending and more businesses will fail and more jobs will be lost. Hold onto your hats."

"Some employers set up situations to make an employee look bad and use that as an excuse to terminate them. Any hard worker that has been put through this doesn't deserve to lose their income."

The second question was: Should General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner step down from that post?

"Yes, he should. He is nothing more then a paper pusher. He has no clue what actually goes on in the factories ... Besides the unions, another big reason why our factories are being shut down is they are all run by MBA types who have no real clue as to what is going on in production. There used to be a time CEOs actually knew something about the business. This guy sure doesn't."

"Of course. And he and his board should shoulder the unemployment costs of all the workers whose lives are in tumult due to their bad choices."

"Yes, along with all the top dogs at all three. These management people evidently don't know what they are doing."

"Just because paper pusher-MBA types who have no clue of the product have screwed up the past couple of decades does not absolve union blame in all of this, too. The CEOs have been greedy and the workers have been greedy as well. Workers for GM were making much more then most other workers in other manufacturing plants. Greed of unions, greed of management and incompetence from management are all to blame."

"I think he should be replaced. It's like watching a football game. If the team keeps losing, you replace the coach. I think there are others to blame for the auto industry failure. My list includes the environmentalists' demands, the U.S. government high taxes, the unions' high pay demands, the engineers who design the gas guzzlers and workers who take advantage of the system."

The third question was: Are you surprised to learn that two reports say some Wall Street financial institutions now being bailed out by the federal government, including AIG and mortgage lender Freddie Mac, were among donors who underwrote the Democratic and Republican conventions?

"Surprised? Are you kidding?"

"American International Group Inc. gave $1.5 million, split down the middle between the Democratic convention in Denver and the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul. The government now is providing AIG a $150 billion financial-rescue package per USA Today newspaper. ... Surprised? Nope! Great return on investment, I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million percent."

"Surprised at such acts of these institutions? NEVER. Where is all the action that so many politicians were hollering about for ages about doing campaign finance reform? Another joke. Washington. Same old. Same old. I'm trusting the Obama administration will turn things in the right direction and get something done."

"How could you POSSIBLY be surprised by this? Congress opened a floodgate when they started bailing out companies. If you give to one, you have to help everyone, otherwise, you look like you're playing favorites. Didn't their parents teach them that if you have enough candy for yourself, you have better brought enough for everyone on the playground, otherwise don't let anyone know you have it? Pretty much any business wanting a handout will get one - incompetence, in this case, breeds rewards."

"I think when the Dems take over, the auto industry will get its bailout money and a new czar will emerge who will be connected to the Dems beck and call. We will be hemorrhaging more money because the sky will be the limit. Who did the automakers back during the election? It was the Dems, so to get re-elected, they must help. We will also have the socialized health care taking shape and draining the pond dry. Is there anything left in the pond?"

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