Quick ways to cut energy bills

December 13, 2008


It seems the right storm window might help you weather high energy costs.

The U.S. Department of Energy now reports that a good storm window can cut an exterior window's energy loss by as much as 50 percent. Add to that the fact that the average-size storm window costs about $40, compared to having the same-size replacement window installed for $400 to $600, and you might see how savings could quickly add up.

Indeed, storm windows can pay for themselves in just three years through energy savings. It can take 20 or more years for replacement windows to do the same.

Easy To Install

Experts say that if you can read a tape measure and use a power screwdriver or drill, you can install storm windows yourself-right over your existing windows. That's not always the case with large or heavy replacement products. And because most styles are designed to install over "double hung" windows that open and close by moving up and down, storms generally have both glass and screens and can be left on your home year-round.


Cutting Energy Loss

Storm windows can result in a less drafty and more energy-efficient home because they provide an extra layer of insulating glass over existing windows. Additionally, storm windows can work on picture windows, sliders or basement window openings-areas often overlooked for energy loss.

Finding Storms

Quality brands of storm windows can be found at all major home centers near the "millwork" department.

To find out if storm windows will work for you and to learn how to measure for them, visit

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