More Prep Football All-Area, All-County Teams

December 13, 2008

All-Washington County Second Team
Tyler Walsh, Boonsboro
Running Back: Ken Bosic, Clear Spring; Jordan Ricketts, North Hagerstown; Reggie Russ, Williamsport
Wide Receiver: Spencer Draper, St. James; Billy Lawrence, Smithsburg; Tyler Spencer, North Hagerstown
Tight End: Tyler Barnhart, Smithsburg
Offensive Line: Dylan Dopson, North Hagerstown; Scott Haupt, Boonsboro; Dustin Rowland, South Hagerstown; Matt Whitcraft, St. James; Danny Whitt, Smithsburg
Kicker: Chase Worthington, North Hagerstown
Defensive Line: Kenny Hardman, Hancock; Jake Hendricks, Boonsboro; Mike Jewell, Smithsburg; Joe Perri, St. James
Linebacker: Nieko Akers, Smithsburg; Dallas Dunn, North Hagerstown; Scott Haupt, Boonsboro; Andrew Likely, Williamsport
Defensive Back: Devaun Bowie, South Hagerstown; Dashawn Goodwin, North Hagerstown; Antoine Malone, South Hagerstown; Dylan Zimmerman, St. James
Punter: Coby Blum, Smithsburg
Utility: Demetrius Myers, North Hagerstown

All-Washington County Team
Coaches' selections
First Team

Center: Eddie Seabright, Boonsboro; Matt Whitcraft, St. James
Guard: Scott Haupt, Boonsboro; Taylor Metzger, Smithsburg; Dustin Rowland, South Hagerstown
Tackle: Colby Martin, Boonsboro; Quinton Fogle, Smithsburg; Dylan Dopson, North Hagerstown; Taylor Young, St. James
Tight End: Sean Colgan, Boonsboro; Tyler Barnhart, Smithsburg
Receiver: Josh Conway, Smithsburg; Seth Poffenberger, Boonsboro; Cory Shank, South Hagerstown; Anthony Winters, North Hagerstown; Jordan Barr, St. James
Quarterback: Kyle Orndorff, Smithsburg; Mike Russ, St. James
Fullback: Tyler Scott, Smithsburg
Tailback: Erick Parker, Smithsburg; Branden McLean, Boonsboro; Alec Nelson, North Hagerstown; Jordan Ricketts, North Hagerstown
Defensive End: Preston Button, North Hagerstown
Defensive Line: Ben Benner, South Hagerstown; Jeb Slick, Smithsburg; Broc Kline, Boonsboro; Kenny Hardman, Hancock
Linebacker: Alex Akers, Smithsburg; Scott Haupt, Boonsboro; Nick Harvey, Hancock; John Moser, South Hagerstown; Greg Pheabus, North Hagerstown; Demetrius Myers, North Hagerstown
Secondary: Josh Conway. Smithsburg; Cortez Boyce, Williamsport; Cody Snavely, Boonsboro; Seth Poffenberger; Devaun Bowie, South Hagerstown; Alec Nelson, North Hagerstown
Punter: Cory Shank, South Hagerstown; Andrew Likely, Williamsport
Kicker: Tommy Wagner, St. James; Chase Worthington, North Hagerstown; Coby Blum, Smithsburg
Offensive Players of the Year: Josh Conway, Smithsburg; Mike Russ, St. James
Defensive Players of the Year: Alex Akers, Smithsburg; John Moser, South Hagerstown
Coach of the Year: Buddy Orndorff, Smithsburg


Second Team
Danny Rishell, Smithsburg; Zach Eppard, North Hagerstown
Guard: Danny Whitt, Smithsburg; Anthony Wolters, North Hagerstown; Brian Hummel-Price, St. James; Brandon Mullins, Clear Spring
Tackle: Jake Hendricks, Boonsboro; Kenny Hardman, Hancock; Zach Screiber, North Hagerstown
Tight End: Preston Button, North Hagerstown
Receiver: Billy Lawrence, Smithsburg; Cortez Boyce, Williamsport; Tyler Spencer, North Hagerstown; Spencer Draper, St. James; Dylan Zimmerman, St. James
Quarterback: Tyler Walsh, Boonsboro; Steve Coccodrilli, North Hagerstown; Hunter Phillips, South Hagerstown
Fullback: Demetrius Myers, North Hagerstown; Ken Bosic, Clear Spring
Defensive End: Eddie Seabright, Boonsboro; Allen Reed, Smithsburg; Andy Dagenhart, Williamsport; Joe Perri, St. James
Defensive Line: Mike Jewell, Smithsburg; Jake Hendricks, Boonsboro; Zach Schreiber, North Hagerstown; Alex Wolters, North Hagerstown
Linebacker: Andrew Likely, Williamsport; Matt Whitcraft, St. James; Dallas Dunn, North Hagerstown; Nieko Akers, Smithsburg; Ken Bosic, Clear Spring
Secondary: Dashawn Goodwin, North Hagerstown; Antoine Malone, South Hagerstown
Punter: Andrew Jarvis, Clear Spring; Jordan Barr, St. James

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