Nightclub opening faces road blocks

December 11, 2008|By DAN DEARTH

HAGERSTOWN -- One of the partners planning an upscale nightclub for the Long Meadow Shopping Center in Hagerstown's North End will have to resolve building ownership and zoning issues before they are allowed to open, Washington County liquor officials said Wednesday.

Robert L. Everhart, chairman of the Board of License Commissioners, known as the liquor board, said Polar LLC, the business that wants to open the nightclub, would have to gain ownership of the property or enter a lease and work out undisclosed zoning issues with Washington County officials before the nightclub could open.

Everhart said Ash Azadi, a partner of Polar LLC, erroneously claimed on the original liquor license application that he owned the property. As a result, the liquor board denied Azadi's request, Everhart said.

Azadi said he made a mistake when he signed the papers, and Polar LLC would work with the building's owner, Frank Turner, to lease the property until June, when Azadi would make the purchase.


Scott Bowen of Harne Bowen Architects, the firm that is designing the 7,000-square-foot nightclub, said he was working with the county to get the zoning approved.

According to state law, a second request for a liquor license cannot be filed for six months after the first request was rejected.

After Azadi asked the liquor board to reconsider, Everhart said he would check with the liquor board's legal counsel to determine whether an exception could be made so Azadi wouldn't have to wait the full six months.

"We really do try to work with people," Everhart said.

Everhart said the liquor board would not commit to granting the license until the issues are resolved.

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