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December 08, 2008

Last week's question

On the Thanksgiving holiday just past, what were you most thankful for?

  • That I still have a job. - 43 votes (24 percent)

  • That I and my family members have our health. - 96 votes (55 percent)

  • That I didn't buy that boat, big-screen TV, RV or other purchase that I'd be having trouble paying for now. - 8 votes (5 percent)

  • That I work for the government, which never goes out of business.- 11 votes (6 percent)

  • Nothing. Right now, for me, life stinks. - 18 votes (10 percent)


  • Posted by penpaperesque on Nov. 30.

    I'm not completely healthy, but I can still move around, I was just thankful to have dinner with a few of my loved ones and to have gotten out of a horrible situation I was in.

  • Posted by independent on Dec 1.

    I am thankful for health for family members because I will miss them when they die and worry when their health deteriorates.


I talked to someone from another country who grew up eating chicken bones because they were poor.The adults ate the chicken and the children got the left-overs. Life does not stink for us.

  • Posted by blessedbe on Dec. 2

    I'm thankful that we're still OK. Everyone's healthy and we're able to manage for now. Lots of changes, many of them unexpected, but we're coping and I have faith that we're going to be just fine.

  • Posted by knahs on Dec. 3

    Just glad I have a job right now - so many others have been laid off.

    Next week's question

    The owner of a Smithsburg-area liquor store last week said the store sold a winning Mega Millions ticket worth $250,000. If you won, what would you do with your winnings?

    1. Pay off my bills and my mortgage.

    2. Help family members, including my children, who are having financial difficulties.

    3. Contribute to my church or my favorite charity.

    4. Assist with a local nonprofit, such as Holly Place, which is having problems making ends meet.

    5. Spend the cash on me. I bought the ticket, so why should I share my winnings?

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