W.Va. CAP members honored

December 07, 2008

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The 67th annual West Virginia Wing Civil Air Patrol Conference and Banquet was Oct. 25 in Charleston.

Among the estimated 180 attendees were 12 cadets and three senior members from the Martinsburg, W.Va., Composite Squadron.

The conference included educational oppourtunities including seminars on drug demand reduction, safety, homeland security and aerospace education.

State Sen. John Unger II served as the guest speaker.

During the awards ceremony, members of the local unit received the following honors:

National Squadron of Merit - An annual award established to recognize the top squadron in the wing.

Unit Citation Award - Given in recognition of the outstanding West Virginia Wing squadron.

Emergency Services Air Support Award

40-Year Service Award - Lt. Col. Shelton Davis

Check Pilot of the Year - Capt. B.J. Davis


Cadet Orientation Pilot of the Year - Capt. Larry Dean

Moral Leadership Officer of the Year - Capt. Gary Gourley

Personnel Officer of the Year - Capt. Russell Voelker

Cadet of the Year - C/Lt. Col. Mark Guiney

Spaatz Award - C/Col. David Hill. This is the cadet program's highest award. It is estimated that about five out of 1,000 cadets who join CAP will achieve the Spaatz Award during their service as cadets. Along with the award, the cadet receices a promotion to cadet colonel.

Earhart Award - C/Capt. Chris Frey, is awarded for completion of phase IV of the CAP program.

Mitchell Award - C/2d. Lt. Jonah Rock, is awarded of phase II of the CAP cadet program.

Wright Bros. Award - C/SSgt. Might, is awarded for completion of phase I of the CAP program.

Wright Bros. Award - C/SSgt. Dye, is awarded for completion of phase I of the CAP program.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to:

C/A1C. David M. Buckman, SM. Simon O. Buckman, 2Lt. Kenneth H. Clohan, C/SrA. John T. Dye, C/CMSgt. Joseph C. Dye C/SSgt. Nicholas Keefe, 2Lt. Cindy J. McNay, 2Lt. Jon R. McNay, C/SSgt. Brandon M. Might, Cadet Joel D. Miller, C/MSgt. Ryan C. Miller, 2Lt. Donald J. Naylor, C/Amn. Chloe N. Powers, 2Lt. Richard A. Sanders, 2Lt. Christine R. Shields, C/Amn. Ty A Stansbury, C/Amn. Caleb T. Sullivan and Maj. Bradford M. Williams.

The following received Commander's Commendations:

Capt. Bertrand J Davis, Lt. Col. Ralph S. Davis, Capt. Lawrence K. Dean, C/Capt. Christopher R. Frey, Capt. Gary W. Gourley Sr. C/Lt. Col. Mark R. Guiney, C/Lt. Col. David F. Hill IV, C/MSgt. Jennifer M. Kroening, C/CMSgt. Robert J. Lyons, C/2Lt. Andrew F. Mitchell, 1Lt. Stephen L. Petty, C/CMSgt. Jonah E. Rock, 1Lt. Dirk A. Stansbury and Capt. Russell G Voelker.

Also, the W.Va. Wing CAP model contest - second place cadet novice award went to C/SSgt. John Dye and C/CMSgt. Joe Dye.

Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, is a nonprofit organization with more than 56,000 members nationwide.

CAP performs 90 percent of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and was credited with saving 90 lives in 2008.

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