Holly Place needs a fundraiser

December 07, 2008

Recently we asked Herald-Mail Opinion Club members this question: Holly Place, an assisted-living facility in Hagerstown for needy senior citizens, has for years been on the edge of financial disaster. The agency needs a good annual fundraiser. What could that be?

o A dog-walking fundraiser around a school track or the Hagerstown Fairgrounds Park.

There are so many dog owners/pet lovers this could possibly be an annual thing.

Edward Kendall

o Perhaps raffling a new car and/or pickup truck might be an option.

Daniel Moeller

o In recent years, nonprofit fundraising has become a very competitive field, with big private and public institutions and organizations competing for donations that once went to smaller charities and charitable organizations such as Holly Place.

If Holly Place does not have the resources to employ professional development marketing strategies, perhaps they can partner with Hagerstown's leading media in an annual fundraiser. Having brought the subject to light, The Herald-Mail would seem to be an outstanding partner.


And, given the Holly Place name, the holiday season would seem a logical timeframe. You're nominated, Herald-Mail. When do you want to start?

Mike McGough

o What ever happened to the Lotto proceeds that were supposed to benefit senior citizens?

Charlie Siford
York, Pa.

o New fundraisers are hard to come up with ... bingos, yard sales, bakeless bake sales, raffles, even just boxes or jars for donations help. A carnival, maybe. It is a very worthwhile place and should be helped.

Darlene Hoffman

o Fundraising should be like an old-fashioned barn- raising. People would get together, work hard, but have the satisfaction of helping a neighbor. They also had fun doing it.

Many years ago, I gave a Valentine's Day party. I made a huge pot of chili with everything to go with it and lots of desserts.

I placed a Valentine's Day box on the table for anyone who wanted to give a donation. The money from the dinner went to a charity for children. Both my friends and the box were full by the end of the evening.

I bet there are some people in our community who can make a mean pot of chili to help Holly Place. If that doesn't work, maybe we'd better have a barn-raising.

Kate Prado

o Help your senior neighbors, and also help yourself!

Everyone has a lot of "stuff" that is simply too good to give away, but never used.

(I think of my British Maritime Duffle Coat, which is officially marked as coming from World War II cloth, but is so small I can never again wear it.

It cost about 100 British pounds back when a pound was at least $2. For someone it fit, I am confident they would pay $50 for this item, but I will never take the time to try to sell it.

How about using Doub's Woods or one of the larger, easy-to-get-to parks on a bright spring weekend as site for an (annual?) antique/spring cleaning weekend?

Three functions:

1. Have some guest experts who will evaluate furniture, good clothing, artifacts, etc. for a deductible fee of $5 each for items worth less than $100, and $10 each for items worth $100 or more. The fee goes to Holly Place.

2. Then have a four-hour midday auction in two sections of these and other materials - the proceeds going to Holly House, and the sponsor giving a signed IRS slip to the donors of the item (if previously valued or not).

Have several local auctioneers volunteer services to keep a fresh auctioneer for about 15 minutes at a time.

3. Invite related charity groups to sponsor on-site boutiques (tables?) before, during, and after the auctions) featuring unauctioned items - items that did not sell, other smaller items worth less, etc. - but with all proceeds going to Holly Place. Church groups, citizens groups, perhaps school groups, Boy and Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls, etc.

Dave Woods
Hedgesville, W.Va.

o I have no suggestions, except that it should be, as you said, an annual or semi-annual event, not a one-shot. They can make it a real community event, one that people will look forward to.

Maybe a multi-cultural Heritage Fair at the underutilized Fairgrounds Park? Take a look at Jazz Fest in New Orleans, or any of the annual Scottish Games around the country.

Burr Loomis
Chambersburg, Pa.

o A community arts, crafts and international foods festival.

Jonathan R. Burrs

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