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If you need to reassess

December 06, 2008

If you need to reassess your life plans due to lower home values and retirement income, ask these questions:

· In what geographical area do we want to live?

· Is that area affordable to us now? What is the present cost of housing?

· Where are the people living whom we want to see most often and how hard and expensive will it be so see them?

· How affordable will the area stay, based on taxes and assessments?

· How will our retirement income be taxed in the state we live?

· Where can we live that will enhance our need for healthy living and the pursuit of our hobbies and special interests?

· Will we be able to find employment or volunteer opportunities?

Pennsylvania doesn't tax your retirement!

Maryland does!


Move to PA and get the advantage of no tax on your retirement income!

Improve your lifestyle and save money while you enjoy life more!

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