Antrim continues search for manager

December 04, 2008|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Antrim Township supervisors say that hundreds of resumes have been submitted, numerous applicants interviewed and at least one offer has been made in the process of hiring a new township administrator.

But after more than three months, the township continues to operate under interim leadership by select members of the board.

Supervisor and Interim Projects Coordinator Fred Young III said Wednesday the board hoped to have an administrator in place by now, but the process is taking longer than anticipated.

"We are being very careful with who we hire, for this position is the head of the township (staff)," he said. "We are making sure we hire the right person and it takes time to do all the reference and background checks."

The board advertised for a township administrator after eliminating six upper-level staff positions during its August reorganization aimed at saving taxpayer money through less personnel.


Citing a $29,750 management study by California-based Dhillon Management Services as the basis for the reorganization, the board eliminated the position of Township Manager Benjamin Thomas and created the position of township administrator.

Young said the board is still accepting resumes for the position, first advertised in September, and will continue to take resumes as long as the position remains unfilled.

Young said none of the supervisors have applied for the full-time administrator job, emphasizing that he, Chairman Curtis Myers and Supervisor Rick Baer only took on the interim positions to keep the township running until an administrator is found. Myers is interim township administrator and Baer is interim utilities director.

The board has held numerous executive sessions to discuss personnel and interview applicants. After each publicly announced executive session, Young has said of the process, "we are getting closer."

Despite the continued efforts by Young and Myers to hire an administrator, neither could say exactly how many have applied for the job nor how many have been interviewed.

Young estimated that 10 were interviewed out of the more than 100 applicants .

Young said there was a range of experience and credentials among the candidate pool, but the board is confident that the offer it made was to a well-qualified individual.

"We have had people with master's degrees apply," he said in an earlier interview.

At the time of the reorganization, Township Solicitor John Lisko said the difference between the former township manager positions and the new township administrator position was "semantics," or the word used for the title, and perhaps a few duties which the board had yet to define.

Myers assured the public during the press conference portion of its Sept. 9 regular meeting that the administrator position will not simply replace the manager position, but will have varied duties.

Young encouraged patience, saying the board is waiting to hear back on the one offer made more than one week ago.

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