Bullets hit house

negligence charged

December 04, 2008|By ERIN JULIUS

WILLIAMSPORT -- Karen Swan was brushing her teeth at 6:35 a.m. Saturday when she heard what she described as a "humongous bang."

"It sounded like a war zone out there," said Swan, who ran to her living room, where she saw a gunshot hole in the window.

The glass on a curio cabinet that holds her 140-piece swan collection was shattered.

Swan said the realization of what happened made her "hysterical," because she had just been in the living room opening windows and winding a cuckoo clock.

She screamed for her husband to wake up, and they called police.

No one was injured in the shooting at Swan's rural home, which is sandwiched between a field across from her house and another behind it.


It was the Washington County Sheriff's Department deputy who was called to Swan's home on Natural Well Road in Williamsport who pointed out that there was another bullet hole in the garage window, she said.

Neighbors said they saw a man in a truck going into the field behind the Swans' house to retrieve a deer, Swan said.

The deputy called Department of Natural Resources officers.

Rodney Harne, 19, was charged with negligent hunting in connection with the incident, said Capt. Robert Davis, a DNR spokesman.

Conviction on a charge of negligent hunting carries a fine of up to $1,500 for the first offense, and carries jail time for a second offense, Davis said.

Harne, who lives on Dam No. 4 Road in Williamsport, was cooperative with authorities and has offered to pay restitution, Davis said.

Swan said Harne was apologetic. She did not have a total figure for the damages, but said the curio cabinet cost $800.

"The devil kept us out of church that morning but my guardian angel saved my life," Swan said.

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