Holiday ideas from Home & Garden TV

December 04, 2008|By Scripps Howard News Service

A continuing compendium of tips and tricks from Home & Garden Television:

Holiday ideas:

  • Play up a mantel with fresh, fragrant flowers for vertical interest plus simple gold frames and candle embellishments. Fill a tall glass vase halfway with water and put the large flowers in first. Add individual pieces of eucalyptus to the arrangement, and then use large filler leaves to hold the arrangement in position.

  • Soften a mantel or doorways with garlands enhanced with natural touches. Unfold the artificial pine garland branches so they look more natural. Bend the garland in half and twist the two sections together to double the thickness. Tuck natural clippings from around the yard into the garland, using the wired branches to hold them into place. Hammer finish nails on either side of the doorway molding to hold the garland. Embellish the corners with ribbon for the finishing touch.

  • You don't have to use greens to create a garland. Beads, cranberries, popcorn strands, ribbons, overlapping crocheted place mats

  • Anything can become a garland. Just use your imagination.

  • Change your everyday buffet display into a holiday showcase by first removing the doors. Next, dig through plates, serving pieces and glassware to find items that tie into the holiday design for your dining room. Tuck natural or artificial elements here and there to enhance the overall look.

  • Nothing says "holiday" like a great tree! Remove branches from a full tree to make room for ornaments and decorations. Fill an urn with pea gravel to hold the tree, and then add your favorite holiday touches for a beautiful centerpiece in any room.

    Courtesy Top 10 Holiday Countdown With Matt and Shari on HGTV.


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